Thursday, July 17, 2008

Covenant Zone in Session

Feel like changing your mind?

I often think of things as normal and those norms as set in stone, unchanging, ideas I hold fast to and refuse to give up simply because they are right. Why would I think otherwise?

I often think that way, in that kind of loop of thought, and out come the things I wish later I might have thought of on my own before I made such commentary. Yes, I do it nearly every Thursday evening in conversation at the Covenant Zone. I do come out with some of the laziest and stupidest ideas of my life in front of people who listen to me and then discuss what I might have said in good faith. Often, by the end of the evening and beyond, I find I've changed my mind, often times fundamentally. But rather than strip away years and decade of good ideas and solid beliefs that have held my person in good stead, I find that I might be closer by some degree to the truer self I would be if I could be.

The Covenant Zone assembles at the Vancouver Public Library this evening at 7-9:00 p.m. to talk again about fundamental and interesting topics regarding our shared lives and our persons as citizens and residents of this nation and of our Modernity under threat. We seek solutions through better ideas.

From jihad to Left dhimmi fascism to books and thinkers on politics and culture, we discuss and talk well into the evening to seek out better ideas and better ways of understanding. You're welcome to join us. We'll be happy to make a place for you at Blenz coffee bar in the atrium if you care to sit in and talk as well.

If you're interested in ideas, then you are likely worth meeting. Please feel free to stop in for a few hours. You'll recognize us by our -- Screaming Eagle baseball cap! Yes, I got a new hat. I'm very excited. Please come by and admire it.

Yeah, that intellectual stuff too, but what a cool hat I have. Sometimes I change my mind, sometimes I change my hat. Life is a mystery.

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