Thursday, July 10, 2008

Walker going strong in the Cowichan

Censorship makes a slippery slope:
And yet, magazine owners, writers, pastors, and comedians, are being investigated, and censored. These quasi-judicial extensions of our government have subscribed to the idea of suppression of speech and press. Perhaps they subscribe to the idea that what they are doing is best for the citizens; that we need our government to decide what speech is safe, and what is not. Perhaps they even subscribe to the idea that what they are currently doing is going to benefit this country as a whole.

I don't know. I can't understand the ideals behind the HRC's anti-free speechery. Maybe it will come to me in a dream sometime.
Yep, it's got something to do with that Utopian dreaming I'm thinking.


Anonymous said...


Charles Henry said...

Walker, I wish the common sense that you display in your writing was, well, common.

I thought you came up with a great choice of ending for your column.

"Ideas based and expressed on the idea that we have free speech can get you in a lot of trouble now-a-days.

That sums it up in suitably chilling fashion.

Anonymous said...


Although I might say that my common sense can be tampered with pretty easily by the whole "teenage hormones" thing.

I find that we're close as a country to having a great potential for state censorship. I hope we don't follow up on that potential, and with the way that things are going, and as Ezra puts it, the human rights commissions become "demormalized", I certainly hope that that change comes about soon.

Although, as you say, commmon sense isn't as common as we'd like.


Dag said...

Walker, it's a pleasure to read your copy. Looking forward to more.

Anonymous said...

So am I.