Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bye-Bye Biden?

J. Biden, Democratic vice-presidential hopeful, recently claimed that Hillary Clinton would have been a better veep choice for Obama than he.

Speaking at rally in New Hampshire on Wednesday, Mr Biden said: "Hillary Clinton is as qualified or more qualified than I am to be vice-president of the United States of America. Let's get that straight."

He continued: "She's a truly close personal friend...quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me. But she's first rate, I mean that sincerely, she's first rate."

The question arises: Is he serious? Is Biden going to step down in favor of Hillary?

Do any of these people have any motivation or belief beyond the pursuit of personal political power? If Biden sees himself losing the vice-presidency by staying in the race, would he step down in favor of Hillary in exchange for something he could have instead of nothing? How low will these people go?

We might find out if Biden doesn't do well against Sarah Palin in the up-coming debate. If Biden is then the fool he's always been, perhaps next day he'll step aside in favor of Hillary. That should excite many Democrats, but can the average person stomach such cynicism? We'll soon see.


Charles Henry said...

...quite frankly, it might have been a better pick than me.

After all the Democrats initial talk about Palin as a modern-day shock-treatment-patient Eagleton, it would be ironic that it's in fact the Democrats who end up taking a mulligan on their vp selection..!

The real problem that McGovern faced when his vice-presidential candidate Thomas Eagleton withdrew, wasn't the perception of mis-judgment connected to the choice, the real damage was done when no one wanted to replace him, as I recall. (Sargent Shriver, a Kennedy relative, ended up stepping up to the plate and accepting the position to put an end to the bleeding)

I can very much see history repeating itself with your suggested scenario as well... I don't think Hillary would take the job offer now under any circumstances...

Did you get to hear this Biden quote, or just read it? If you can get to listen to it, you'll smile at the obvious sincerity in Biden's voice as he sheepishly admits, in hushed tones, to the crowd that in his opinion HRC would have been a better decision.

I wonder what Obama is thinking about all this: "my own hand-picked Vice Presidential candidate is going around telling my supporters that I blew my first big decision..!"

truepeers said...

Gosh, the conspiracy nuts must love this; even I'm ready to believe he is a republican plant, though likely it has more to do with the petrochemical industry... Biden, Bidden... Palin...Clinton (signs of an unimaginative writer/controller?) the answer is there, somewhere!

Dag said...

Whether Biden quits or no,the fact that this is a plausible scenario among Democrats is telling. A Dem. I pitched this idea to was in Seventh Heaven at the thought. We'll see.

How desperate are the Dem.s for nothing other than power?

truepeers said...

"nothing other than power" - exactly what one would expect from those whose evil twins are conspiracy theorists.

Dag said...

Regardless of how evil conspiracy theories are, and there's no argument from me that they generally are, the difference between a raving nut and Napoleon is that the latter doesn't care at all about theories.

For Napoleon, et al, conspiracy theory is a tactic, not a strategy. For the conspiracy theorist, conspiracy theory is constructed reality and personality.For the psychopath, no theories are needed to motivate him any more than the wild beast needs a theory to eat its prey. Camouflage is natural, the innate conspiracy theory of surface. There is the power to eat. Obama's power-drive to devour is covered in a layer of hustle, a walking conspiracy theorist, while those about him are parasites feeding off his leavings. He carries his being through life as he is, and others live off it.

Palin is not the same kind of politician.

truepeers said...

Hmm, I think your enlightenment reason, i.e. your theory, is perhaps taking you a little too far here.

I find it hard to believe that what separates a Napoleon from all the would-be napoleons is simply greater skill in brutality, or luck. No, I think that, however inadequately, a successful Napoleon has to really believe in a France and a World-made-France that needs a Napoleon.

But then I don't think Obama is Napoleon material...