Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Some commentatary on Sarah Palin

Sarah Palin gave a speech this evening. Here are some reactions:

I'm definitely scared of Palin. By choosing her, McCain has inadvertently hastened his own demise in the party. If she gets into the white house, the United States is going to be a theocracy by 2012, with creationism being taught in schools, women not having the right to vote, and America being bankrupt, if Palin's recklessness with the town budget in Alaska is anything to go by.

Posted by: j williams | 05 September 2008 at 01:55 AM

Not everyone is sick and frothing with hatred that Obama has opposition to his desire to be a World Historical demi-god. Some people just write about the race as a political event, however important it might be to us today.


"We have met someone that we will be doing battle against for a decade or more. Seriously. I've never seen a woman, or a man for that matter, speak that way, prime time, national, convention, live, ever. She blows away Hillary Clinton. …

OK, so my guess. Come November, and Obama's glorious victory, Palin is who they pronounce as the '12 nominee against Obama. Either that, or Palin is Prez after McCain croaks on a pretzel from 2 years of the WH.

Palin captured the GOP's heart and flag tonight. She hit it 456 ft into deep right field, and way friggin outside the park. … Anyone that thinks McCain could have chosen better than Palin, among the GOP ranks, is on drugs. Talk about a cultural war that's on again!"

Red State:

"Sarah Palin ... gave the speech of a lifetime, perhaps the best nationally broadcast political introduction in the convention history, and a knock out blow to the Obama-Biden campaign and their pals in the media.

"... She proved she's tough, she's a fighter, and yes, she can lead. Governor Sarah Palin could lead on day one. She is ready to be President. ... John McCain chose wisely.

"After tonight, it is clear the media's reaction to Sarah Palin was hyperbolic, false, and filled with the anger of a Democratic opposition just now recognizing what a threat Governor Palin is to their established order. Sarah Palin is the real deal."

The Campaign Spot, National Review Online:

"Tonight, we either saw a watershed in American politics, a tour de force, the most striking and graceful debut in our nation's political life, and a national introduction that makes Barack Obama's 2004 convention address look like small potatoes… or we saw what we wanted to see, and the country's persuadable independents saw something else. I'm afraid to believe. If I'm wrong, I don't really know what Americans want. I know conservatives are thrilled to pieces, and they ought to be. She knocked it out of the park. I don't think she could have delivered that speech any better. Even if I hadn't suggested a line, I would say that the speech hit almost every note just right. (Did the Obama fans feel this way? Is this what their exultation feels like? Wonderful. I'm glad they get to experience it too.)"

Talking Points Memo:

"If you didn't sense last night how deeply Sarah Palin channeled some of the country's deepest, most powerful currents of pent-up indignation and yearning, you don't sense the trouble we Democrats are in.

"Rhetorically, she was the anti-Obama. She was stirring precisely because she was so artless, matter-of fact, and "American" -- with no cadences or grand, historic resonances, but with plenty of mother wit and shrewdness. The two currents she tapped ... were riptides of deeply wounded pride and groping loyalty, a yearning for vindication of something that is not to be disparaged at all."


Followed by the first comment, of course, from an inflamed Obama supporter:

She had about 10 lies in her speech.

Once you listened to the words she said nothing that could help America.

Just more hate and name calling from the right.

It's all they got.

To bad we've got 40 million stupid people in this country

Posted by: Langx | 04 September 2008 at 02:00 PM

"To bad we've got 40 million stupid people in this country - Posted by: Langx"

That attitude is why your guy doesn't get the votes, genius.

Posted by: Roy | 05 September 2008 at 02:10 AM

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