Friday, September 05, 2008

Canada in peril!

As my wife and I discussed today, if McCain and Palin win this - Democratic Underground (via SDA)

Dag, an American who presently makes his home in Canada might enjoy the above link. He was talking yesterday about how Anglo Canada was founded by the losers in the first American civil war. He looks forward to a mass exodus from America of the Obama cultists should McCain actually win. I caution that there is no where for them to go in this day and age, and that actually they really know that America is one of the best places in the world to live.

Well, it seems some of them are talking about buying an island somewhere. But far too many are talking about coming to Canada (where "I can marry my partner, get free health care, and pot is almost legal" - hooray!)

But then these kind always talk about running away to Canada, though few actually do it. Still, I know places where you can just walk across the border. Let's hope the "Democratic" "Underground" has no sense of direction in the cold and dark.... (But why is it that they don't realize they would be at home in "fascist" Italy? I mean, for starters, Obama wants to throw his political opponents in jail for "war crimes".)

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Dag said...

I picked a random comment, one of many indeed. The icon identifying this fellow is a cartoon of a sulky/angry boy of 12. He writes:


"Folks if they steal the election then there will be a civil war in this country.

No one talks about it but that's what will happen!! There are more of us than of them. We will kick their asses!!

I say give them 4 states and let them flat earth, no reproductive rights, no womens rights, whatever let them destroy themselves. We will build a wall, the kind that they like with guards in towers so they can never escape or cross the border.

Let them drown themselves in their sick religous neocon movement, they will drown themselves in a teacup!"

Yes, it's childish bravado meant for nothing more than insinuating himself into a bizarre and repulsive coterie of idiots. But a large coterie. Imagine a nation of fools such as this, enough, in fact to elect a president like themselves, if more polished.

This writer above is the America I don't recognize, and it is vast. How far is the influence of Sarah Palin? That will tell. And yet I do think the writer above is right in his prediction of civil war. Regardless of the Sarah Palins and her family and our families, I think there are many who are so far from what America is that they will cause us deep grief. I'd rather they don't like America, that they go where they think they might be happy. But they are truly hooked only on hate. They will likely stay and hate at home in comfort and security. too bad.