Friday, September 05, 2008

Mind Made Up.

I wrote the following post some days ago now, and only now am I putting it up. I'll admit this: I was worried Sarah Palin might not come cross well in her speech to the nation. When she spoke on Wednesday evening, she won big time. And since then I've been thinking what it means. It mean, after the event, not a thing to me. I don't care if she speaks well or not. I don't care if she falls over on her approach to the podium. I don't care if her glasses are taped together at the hinge. None of that matters to me at all. It doesn't matter. But she came across well if not better than that, if not wonderfully, if not as the heroic woman of America in our time.

There's no more happening in this election that holds my interest. I made up my mind long ago, the moment Sarah Palin arrived on the scene. I knew then, and I have known since, she's the one. But in her being, to me, the one I hope for and admire beyond all other political figures in our time, am I going too far? I don't think so. She's not, to me, a politician at all but a woman from my home town doing a job in the pubic eye. I expect of her what I would expect of any mom from my home town, and that she will deliver. There is nothing more for me to know than that. My mind is made up. Was long ago.

I'm going to come right out and confess to this: I love Sarah Palin.

I love Sarah Palin without ever having spoken to the lady, never having heard her voice, and never having seen her in other than a couple of photographs on the Internet. I love this lady because she is the embodiment of America. Sarah Palin is my homeland represented in one person. In her I see you too. I see all those I lived with and loved and will someday return to in America. I respond to Sarah Palin with love for my nation and its people. Not everyone, of course, responds as I do:

[T]he announcement of Palin's selection by Senator McCain last Saturday reportedly triggered outright laughter in newsrooms across the land, a
nearly unanimous opinion that she would be a disaster for McCain. To the sort of people who believe themselves sophisticated citizens of the world and feel a sense of pride at saving the planet by purchasing carbon offsets, a woman who has borne five children is incomprehensible. Add in moose-hunting, a champion snowmobiler husband and a pregnant 17 year old daughter, and the phrases "white trash" and "trailer trash" are deployed.

A desperate race is underway, with the liberal media scampering to define Sarah Palin to the public as a dangerous religious fanatic and naïve hick, some kind of back woods primitive incapable of effectively discharging the awesome job of president, soon to be thrust upon her as John McCain expires right after his inauguration. Tonight, Governor Palin will have her opportunity to speak directly to the American people, and thanks to the blizzard of critical coverage, she will be no doubt attract an enormous audience.

She has the rarest of qualities: authenticity. Media and Beltway types can't fathom what that is. It goes right over their heads. Not even on the radar screen. Her multiple facets -- beauty queen, moose hunter, mother, member of an Assembly of God Church, and ferocious reformer of corrupt politics may baffle sophisticates, but ordinary Americans see all the pieces fitting together, and they recognize a type of person they know and love.


The left, so wrapped in artifice and fakery, are driven crazy by this. Her behavior appears bizarre, inexplicable. In their minds, she is a disaster and they pretend to be gleeful, asking when McCain will dump her. All while panicking, because they can see the energized GOP base and the failure of Barack Obama to garner the ten-to-fifteen point post-convention bounce to be expected after his speech before the multimillion-dollar Greek temple set and fireworks at Invesco Field only 5 days ago. Those who planned the classical Greek theatrical stage never for second contemplated the possibility of a deus ex machina named Sarah.

So now they hurl ridiculous, self-discrediting accusations (the fantasy that Palin was not the mother of her baby Trig and was covering for her daughter was published by The Atlantic) and cannot understand that they won't work on a mom caring for a Down syndrome baby, and who's about to become a grandma. They regard the public as fools to be manipulated, and know that with the MSM megaphone, they can sell practically anything....

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I love Sarah Palin. I love my country and its people. Because of that I deleted the obverse here of this post. This is our time to celebrate Sarah Palin and America.

Kate Smith? Is that you? Yes, I hear Kate Smith.

God Bless America.


Eowyn said...

Well said, dag.

She IS the embodiment of all that's best about America, in a way that an elitist Hillary Clinton never could be.

What I think is the MSM is going to shoot itself -- AND Obama -- in the foot. People are not going to take kindly to attacks on her. And what's neat is that I think she can take it and throw it back at them with ease.

This election has certainly become interesting.

Dag said...

I remember the race riots from the early and mid-60s, though I was very young and don't recall it vividly, more as a lingering effect from hearing my family discuss it with a shudder for years afterward. I recall not liking the fact that my own country was in a state of war internally, my sense of patriotism being profound as a child, different now, and as a child feeling that America was something akin to the idea of God. To attack America was as horrible a thing as I could find in the world. I still feel that way, though I'm older by far and more jaded by many kinds of life over the years, and thus my patriotism and understanding of the nation is different from that of a child.

I see the rise of anarchy and rampage on our horizon again; and this time, as a grown man, I have a different fear of it from my time as a child. This time I don't feel threatened and helpless. this time I see the workings of hatred and evil clearly, know the workings of such, and know the agonies of defeat and the horrors of victory, too. I do not wish anything such as things I've witnessed in other nations befalling my own home again, this time perhaps far worse than before. I'm old enough now to know what it means to individuals.

If we face a rage against our land and nation, then we will act as our best instincts tell us, one hopes, and we'll negotiate a peace with those discontent, those who might feel disenchanted by the compromise of process. And then, given the nature of our own who care to carry on, we will see.

I suspect the deep narcissism of the few will lead to trouble. It is there and then we will see who loves the nation that allows for the process that allows us freedom and liberty to have the process. I have no fear of McCain and Palin losing the election and living to struggle with the hope of our next round. That is the process that gives us the process of election and democracy, the whole round of compromise and mature acceptance of give and take a little for you and a little for me. If Palin and crew were to lose, that would be fine if regrettable. I'd carry on happily till next time. That's why Palin is a person who, as a political figure I love, she being the embodiment of our nation.

What I fear is her victory and the resulting lack of reciprocity from the defeated party. I would love Palin's Americanism in defeat, but I have no such feeling that the opposition will love America even in victory. Were they to lose to Americanism in the person of Palin, to lose to Americanism as Palin represents it, that makes my mind turn back to my childhood.

I'm not a child now. Neither are my contemporaries.