Friday, September 12, 2008

Five Heroes Save Fisherman From Being Killed By A Bear

There is always so much apathy, vice and immorality in the news, and our own lives can be haunted by so much tragedy, that it is hard to remember sometimes how there can be some good in the world, as well.

This week British Columbia was blessed with an inspiring example of courageous initiative, of genuine heroism, multiplied by five.

Fisherman saved by five others after being jumped by bruin in his boat

... [Douglas] Miller heard Pharis screaming, picked up his metre-long spiked gaff and dashed toward him.
"He was pinned on the floor, the bear had a good hold of him and was biting and shaking him," Miller said. "I figured he was dead in seconds."
Miller sunk his gaff with its five-inch spike into the bear's neck. "It went right in and the bear still wouldn't let go."
Miller, a Victoria fishing guide, kept sinking the gaff into the bear's neck until another fisherman showed up with a gaff and joined in the fight. But the bear kept hold of Pharis's shoulder.
Two other men showed up armed with a knife and a ball-peen hammer.
"This bear was getting hit between the eyes with the hammer and it didn't flinch," Miller said.
A fifth man with a fishing knife began stabbing the bear in the neck. But, Miller said, the bear "didn't let go until he was dead."
Pharis was able to walk off the boat and waited until an ambulance arrived 25 minutes later.
Pharis's friend, Leslie Cheeseman, said Pharis is doing "remarkably well" in Royal Jubilee Hospital in Victoria.

We can add Bruce Miller and his four anonymous fellow rescuers to a growing list of heroes. Bravo!

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