Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Hooked on Hate

Those who have set their hearts on the ugly phantasy of Osama Barka as president have also found that their phantasies are disturbed by realty, and it is truly upsetting them. Those who find the thrill of this latest self-indulgence, this dirty pornography of a slick street hustler pin-up poster to hang on the bedroom wall are riled by the intrusions of real life, of a woman who guts salmon and walks around in the snow and has a family. What could be more challenging to the phantasies of the Sun King presidency than a real woman who works as a commercial fisherman and who plays basketball in a small town in Alaska? She, Sarah Palin, is ordinary to an extraordinary degree. She is the cold splash of real life in the face of those who would indulge in the most puerile of sentimentalities. The fools who swoon over Barka Osama hate Sarah Palin for being reality. Lately they have turned in their fury against an 18 year old man who has a relationship with Plain's 17 year old daughter. He's been cited as being 26, but now the truth is out, and he's only 18. The calls for him to be imprisoned for statutory rape are barely quelled. The hate will find another course. For those hooked on hate there is no sating it.

The judgment of parents who permit their then-14 year old daughter to date a 23 year old man are poor. To put it mildly. The fact that she's 5+ months pregnant and STILL unwed suggests that one or both of the parents-to-be are not interested in becoming espoused. If she was impregnated before turning 17, and I don't know this to be the case, then it was statutory rape, even in Alaska.

He'd be lucky to be arrested before I beat him to death with the candlestick, in the library. There is no way in the world that I'd make it less than crystal-clear how I felt about a 23-24-25 year old man dating MY 14-15-16 year old daughter.

How amusing of Sarah Palin to say it was her daughter's choice--I thought that Ms. Palin didn't approve of choice. Or did she mean the choice of having the baby and keeping it, or having the baby and giving it up for adoption? Am I missing any other choices?

Posted by: Miss Scarlet | September 1, 2008 8:55 PM

So much for parlor games. Let's see the real thing:

I think it's even worse than you imagine and that she sacrificed her daughter to kill a story that baby Trig was not her son but rather her daughter's. As you know, the buzz was about whether baby Trig was actually Sarah's baby. The reason the issue is relevant is because the touching story of baby Trig is a featured part of her sales pitch as the great pro-life standard bearer and brave mama who flew back to Alaska from Texas to have him. In addition, there are photos and videos of her in February and March where she appears noticeably not pregnant and the Alaskan press had already been raising those questions. Finally, Trig did not appear on the hospital birth records on the day he was supposedly born. Andrew Sullivan wrote that she could put those rumors to rest by simply producing Trig's birth certificate.

Instead of producing the birth certificate, she busted out her poor daughter, seemingly as a human shield, and then screamed for privacy for Bristol. It reminds of the Air National Guard feint by Bush's people where you could never again raise the question of Bush's service. And she still hasn't proved that baby Trig is hers.

Palin is already a proven liar with her phony Bridge to Nowhere reformer story and I now believed that she engaged in a showy human sacrifice in the form of her daughter in order to kill the baby Trig story, which has seemingly been put to rest. Killing two Rovian birds with one stone, as it were. This lady is ambitious!

Posted by: Mary | September 1, 2008 10:39 PM


Now for some ugly facts:

Well it looks like the kid that knocked up Sarah Palin's daughter has finally been identified - his name's Levi Johnston and he's an 18-year-old classmate of Bistol Palin's from her Wasilla, Alaska high school. Apparently it's been an open secret in Wasilla for some time, both that Bristol was pregnant and that the two are engaged to be married.

Not to worry. The haters will come up with more lunatic filth tomorrow, if not sooner. And it'll continue till Palin and McCain are elected in Nov. And then it will continue for years as the creeps go into psycho mode for four years till they can do it all over again. They will never stop. Those who are hooked on hate cannot ever be satisfied.

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