Sunday, September 21, 2008

Coming soon to a nation near you....

How crazy is Britain? Fjordman suggests that Britain is going to be the first of many scenes of civil war over the Islamization of Europe. Here is one example of why he can come to that conclusion:

Woman arrested over 'golly' doll

Dean Kirby and Rob Dawson
17/ 9/2008

A MUM claims she was arrested and had her DNA and fingerprints taken by police because she had a `golly' doll in the window of her home.

Amanda Schofield, 38, was quizzed by police on suspicion of racially-aggravated public order.

She claims the doll was put in the window by her young daughter, who found it in a bag of toys.

But police say she was arrested after a series of complaints of alleged racially-aggravated behaviour were made against her.

She was released without charge after being questioned.

Amanda, from Borrowdale Road, Heavily, Stockport, said she has been forced to sell the toy because of the incident.

Amanda said: "I feel like a criminal for something my daughter did. I just can't believe that I got arrested for a petty thing like that."

She added: "I know that some people don't like the toys, which is why I took it off the window sill, but I don't think they are offensive. It's just a toy. My daughter is really upset that I had to sell it."

Amanda claims she removed the toy from the window after noticing it while putting her daughter to bed, only to be visited by police later that evening and notified of the complaint from a neighbour. She says she received a phone call nine days later asking her to attend Cheadle Heath Police Station, where she was arrested. She has since been informed that no further action will be taken by police.

Gollies are highly collectable. Badges used by jam company James Robertson and Sons, which featured a character called Golly, can sell for more than £1,000.However, the figure has increasingly been seen as a racially offensive symbol and Robertson's dropped Golly in 2001.Last year, a shop owner in Wrightington, near Wigan, faced prosecution and a £1,000 fine after a customer complained about the golly dolls and keyrings on sale. Police confiscated a doll and a keyring, but the complaint was not taken any further and the items were put back on sale.

A spokesman for Greater Manchester Police said: "Police received a report that an item deemed to be offensive was placed in the window of a house on Borrowdale Road.

"It is believed that the incident was the latest in a number of previous incidents that the victim perceived to be race-related. A 38-year-old woman was arrested on suspicion of a racially-aggravated public order offence.

"The woman was released without charge."

h.t. Fjordman.

There is still a great deal of time till anything like civil war becomes inevitable in Europe; but when we see that in Cologne nationalist speakers were prevented from addressing the public in the town square, 5,000 anti-free-speech demonstrators called out by the mayor of the city threatening violence against them, and the police refusing to maintain order on the behalf of the speakers, then one must wonder if that day is coming sooner than we might expect.

And what of Canada? While Heather Mallick is given space to rant against Sarah Palin at the CBC, paid for by the taxpayer, however unwillingly, we see the Canadian Human Rights Commission hoping to ban library books, and the American Left going berserk even at places such as [redacted] Time Magazine, accusing Palin of breaking the law by using yahoo email for state business, never mind that her email is hacked by a Tennessee Democratic senator's son. It's a mad world, and people are rightly getting mad about it. There's very little civility in a civil war. Time to put a stop to the rumblings before we get that unwelcome visit.


truepeers said...

I think we already are in a civil war; you're right that it's not the kind of war anyone can win if the physical fighting plays any big part. But it's important to acknowledge that we're already in a struggle over the terms of any future peace, or covenant, so that we might move people and gain positions to that end.

There's no use in pretending we can just go back to the way things were. We can't.

Dag said...

This civil war we're engaged in now is why it's so important that we have meetings each Thursday evening: so we can begin to create the rational opposition to the chaos to come. It is essential to create a rational programme for the future, no different from any precautionary plan for the eventuality of disaster. Mot people will act as if this hurricane isn't really coming; that it is coming and that it'll pass them by; that it won't be that bad; that they'll come out of it intact....

I was a boy scout for a long while, and I might have learned a bit from it.

truepeers said...

Yes, but "rational programme" sounds kind of totalitarian, as in 5 year plans. We need a defense of freedom, and order, that others can sign on to, see its reason, but without signing on to any programmatic end... the many will only sign on to something they can have a hand in shaping; that means it has to be something appealing but undetermined...

truepeers said...

Well, that's not quite right: we can have a rational programmed *against* the erosion of freedom, e.g. against calls for Sharia. But we can't rationally formulate the future of freedom...

Dag said...

I'm thinking something a little less grandiose than a five year plan, something more along the lines of who to call in case of emergency, where to meet friends who will save each other from rabid lunatics come to burn the place down, how to organize a rally in defence of freedom and not be beaten to a pulp in the doing so. But mostly my point is that if one doesn't have a positive alternative to Left insanities, then some populist demagogue, off the cuff, will come out with rage and madness, leaving the unprepared to follow him because there is no known alternative.

Lenin won by devious means, and he is still in the flesh around us, waiting his resurrection in times of social chaos. No plan to counter him is to lose to him by default. One needn't be a Lenin to fight a Lenin, but one must be something.