Monday, September 01, 2008

Sarah Palin: Traiiler Trash

There seems to be no end to the depths of the hatred some people have for middle-America. If one is a regular American, i.e. if one is from the working-class, if one isn't playing the game of being a mock-European socialist, then one is stupid, a Republican, trailer trash.

Sarah Palin. Trailer Trash? [Results 1 - 10 of about 7,320 for sarah palin trailer trash ; as of Monday/Tues.Midnight, pst.]

Letter to the editor

What a bunch of Republican crap. Shame on you and any of my fellow Jews who have chosen not to do their own research and believe this nonthinking piece. You would rather have McCain and his "white trash" VP who can't even properly rear her own children. You are an embarassment.

Janis Musante

Well, Googling the name Janis Musante, I come up with a retired San Francisco lawyer and a San Francisco realtor. I wouldn't imagine either a lawyer or a realtor would write this email, so I'm guessing it's someone who both wants to remain anonymous and doesn't much like the real Janis Musante.

Posted by: teddy | September 1, 2008 10:33 PM


Tuck Turner said...

Democrats have no shame. I am a conservative blogger, and I can tell you that their only defense is to use disrespectful language and call people names. You can go to ANY liberal blog and I guarantee you that there will be cursing, namecalling, and mockery. Bottom line, they can't argue their points, so they just point.

Dag said...

Thanks for writing, Tuck. I know exactly what you say. I look at the "middle of the road" liberal blogs and msm sites and I find things written there that I wouldn't write about anyone. Middle of the road sites, and there, middle class folks ar going sick in the head and they write things that shame me.

But I don't see the same kind of thing from conservative sites, and I see that my friends are decent, and I see that we are solid and decent people all round, in spite of the name-calling. Yes, it's ugly and dirty what the liberals do, and I am disgusted; but we carry on with some genuine stoic dignity. It feels good to carry on with some manliness amid all the filth swirling around.

Best to you and all normal and decent folk.

Regards, Dag.