Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Dem.s Advertize Sarah Palin's Baby for Sale on Ebay

How's this for cute? Bob Weaver at Democratic Underground advertised Sarah Palin's baby for sale on ebay.

"Apparently, a poster at the radical nutroot site, DemocraticUnderground, created a fake listing for someone pretending to sell baby Trig on ebay. The faux listing read "Baby used prop newborn boy 3-6 months special needs," and included a description that called Governor Palin a "pushy social climber, unwilling to let pregnancy and children stand in the way of ambition." It also listed baby's Trig's father as "unknown."

Originally appearing on the DemocraticUnderground at around 1PM on September 4, by DU poster Bob Weaver, the thread was soon locked by DU moderators and the image scrubbed from the site. But not before a screen shot was taken..."


The text of the listing reads:

Adorable special needs child desperately requires loving family. Used once as a prop during televised speech. Requires spit to style hair. Can shoot a rabbit with an air rifle at 35 feet. Mother is pushy social climber, unwilling to let pregnancy and children stand in way of ambition. Father unknown.

Also at:

Screengrabs below are from Democratic Underground. Here is the site we got them from:


The link directly above is from the Hillary site mentioned in the first link. Here's some of what they say:

[W]hen people see things like this anti-Palin Ebay stunt, it makes normal people wonder why they would support SoetorObama, if this is what his followers are up to. It makes people who might have pulled the lever for this man question the very act of putting someone like this into office, when these are the types of followers he attracts.

People do not want to be associated with this sort of filth – and the fact that SoetorObama's campaign doesn't clamp down hard and stop this sort of daily, vulgar, nastiness says A GREAT DEAL about the person Oprah calls "The One".

Selling a 4-month old with Down Syndrome on Ebay?

This is a new low, even for the SoetorObama camp.

Can you imagine the outrage if his opponent's supporters created an Ebay listing showing SoetorObama or his children up for sale? There would be spasms of Racist! Racist! Racist shouting over that, we're sure.

But, a 4-month old with Down Syndrome is fair game.


There's a point of no return coming with all of this stuff — we've seen this before. We think it's a week or two away, tops, when SoetorObama supporters will have crossed a line that Middle America cannot ignore…just the way the McGovern fans did back in 1972.

Today's Ebay attack makes us believe that line is going to involve little Trig in some way. What's going to happen is that these SoetorObama fools will go too far in making fun of Trig that it will send a tingle of true horror down the collective spine of a majority of Americans — a Kool-Aid nullifying chill that cuts right through all the media garbage and makes them all wonder how they could have ever supported a man who surrounds himself with such thugs.


Excuse me, ladies, but you seem to have missed the point: that it's just sickening and disgusting all by itself, not that it's going to lose your party the race to the White House. Priorities? Would it be OK if the Democrats could win supporters by pulling a dirty stunt like this? What are you people thinking? The first two comments follow:

Logic Says:
September 8, 2008 at 5:35 pm

Obama can't stop people from doing things like this any more than Senator Clinton (who is in Florida asking people to vote for Obama right & saying you and McCain are wrong) can stop you, No Quarter and other sites to stop writing posts like this (and using stupid language lie SoetorObama, Barry, and Obambi among other things).

hillbuzz Says:
September 8, 2008 at 5:40 pm

Logic - we highly doubt Hillary Clinton is in Florida right now saying we are wrong. We think Hillary Clinton has more important things to do with her day than talk about us.

You're wrong about SoetorObama not being able to stop these people if he wants to — his campaign uses Kos and DU to spread the rumors and lies it wants spread, so if he didn't want things like this up there attacking Palin, the people at both sites who communicate daily with the SoetorObama campaign would yank this stuff the moment it goes up.

These people are incredibly quick to censor anything that criticizes SoetorObama, and anyone posting anything that is not 100% pro-SoetorObama is instantly banned on these sites. So, we find it impossible to believe that if SoetorObama really wanted shameless attacks like this on Down Syndrome babies to stop, that DU and Kos couldn't enforce that policy as strictly as it enforces their firm pro-SoetorObama stances.

What to make of people like this? I don't have anything to do with this lot. Who could? Well, those who hate people. I don't want people who hate people running our government.

At the risk of seeming sentimental, I want someone, in this case our president and vice-president, who loves people. I don't want anyone who wants to take care of people. That significant difference makes all the difference. I want Sarah Palin in the White House. If not now, then next time. Yeah, McCain this time. Sarah in 2012!

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