Friday, September 19, 2008

Who you gonna believe: me or your lyin' ears?

Health Canada scientist gets $4,000 for 'hurt feelings' (HT: Blazing Cat Fur)
OTTAWA - The Canadian Human Rights Tribunal has awarded a former Health Canada scientist $4,000 for "hurt feelings" after a supervisor's comment that he liked visible minorities was deemed to be racist.
Friday's decision dealt with a series of complaints filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission by Chopra in 1998 and in 1999. After investigation, the commission referred the complaints to the tribunal in 2004. One involved comments made by Andre Lachance after his 1998 appointment as director at Health Canada's bureau of veterinary drugs, a job that Chopra believed he deserved.

When he was introduced to staff, Lachance told his audience that he liked visible minorities. An offended Chopra complained that the comment was a "deeply insensitive racial remark toward visible minority employees of the bureau." The tribunal concurred, finding that Lachance's comment was "offensive to Dr. Chopra and, by any standard, racist, even if some people in attendance did not find it to be so."
By any standard... except that of some of those in attendance. This kind of "human rights" megalomania makes me into an angry man. I sympathize with the real victim and feel like the guy who's asked if he has stopped beating his wife.

So here's the "human rights" plan to silence Canadians and rule them by an unaccountable oligarchy of the most self-righteous. First we terrorize all and sundry in regards to being politically incorrect, making sure everyone knows that one can give off signs of being an evil racist even when one doesn't realize it, thanks to the systemic and hidden bias of one's inherently racist culture. Then, if one gives off any discombobulated sign of being so terrorized, it's proof he's a racist, with a guilty conscience, by any standard, and must pay!!!

When will the nation rid itself of these witch hunters? Associating "visible minority" "victims" with this witch hunting is really racist, because it makes them seem like primitive religionists in need of human sacrifice to mediate their career resentments. I know that's true, by any standard, because, well, I can make you pay!... Yeah, I know, I'm starting to sound like a crazy man... Witch doctor can make me sane again?


Blazing Cat Fur said...

They are makin me crazy, plus the Globe did a puff piece on Warman

Dag said...

We have to consider the mean of people: they are no different from people ever in time. What is the nature of people? What is the mind in the aggregate? How does one sift it to the mean and know what one has?

That's the nature of politic thinking, I think.

But what does one do with the result? "It depends on the kind of person one is." It's not a light-hearted conclusion, but it is liberatory if one cares for action.

Eowyn said...

Well, truepeers, can't resist a little gentle ribbing -- "So how do you REALLY feel about the CHRC?" :)

(In reality, you said it pretty darn well)

dag said: "What is the nature of people? What is the mind in the aggregate? How does one sift it to the mean and know what one has?"

Up till now, I'd have said that common sense is the great leveler in social interaction. That is, as the bank of accumulated knowledge grows, it becomes clear that what works -- common sense -- is what you use to judge a situation. And it gets pretty basic (Ockham's Razor) -- you eat food, you don't eat the fork you use to eat it.

Now, however, we have elected (or appointed) representatives of us trying to eat the fork. Common sense -- that shared recognition of what works -- is gone. Whoosh. Kaput.

And the irony is that we who are the victims of this wholesale denial of reality are at the mercy of those who have left reality behind.

Sobering, to say the least. How to combat it? Every way we know how.

Covenant Zone is a pretty good weapon, thinks me :)