Sunday, January 20, 2008

Calling Richard Warman

UPDATE, Jan 22: I am removing the original post, not because I consider it libelous - it was simply a call on Richard Warman to respond to some allegations contained in articles that were formerly linked in this post. Because if true - and I think that many of the claims about the Canadian Human Rights Council are not in dispute, but are sad facts - these allegations need to be brought to the attention of responsible citizens and the government. But I withdraw these links now because at least one of them is to a person who is now qualifying as allegation what was originally claimed as fact; and so the trustworthiness of these links is in question. If anyone is sued for libel there is no good in any bloggers compounding the possible extent of any potential libel. What is not in question - and I leave the relevant link in the first Update below - it seems to me, is that the Canadian Human Rights Commission has supported the practice of "human rights" investigators going incognito and posting provocative speech on websites they are targeting, the better to make a case against them. This entrapment, not the content of any stupid comment about a Senator, is what I find so offensive and was the cause behind my original post. When the state uses such tactics to police political speech, yes even neo-Nazi speech, we must speak out against it and demand our politicians change the laws that appear to give sanction to this Orwellian tactic. Jews and others are not protected by Orwellian methods that could be used against them when victimary fashions change, as they seem to be changing at present.

UPDATE, Jan 21: in fairness, I will note that Richard Warman has apparently denied under oath that he wrote what is alleged [in one of the posts formerly linked here]. In any case, we can see from this Mark Steyn article that an agent of the Canadian Human Rights Commission has admitted that he posted at Stormfront, apparently for the purpose of creating a case against that website for hate speech. There needs to be a full public inquiry into what these "human rights" "witch hunters" are doing to go after those whom they deem hate mongers. It doesn't matter if they're hunting neo-Nazis. Jews and minorities are protected by a free society, not one in which the state dictates who is and who is not a recognized victim.


truepeers said...

Pleassssse, no libelous comments. Hah!

Dag said...

Well, that strains my abilities.

I read this, and I am now wondering if I have the worst sense of humor this side of Jerry Lewis. I am again laughing out loud. Honestly, I find this is so funny I can't help myself. It's way better than Monty Python skits. It seems to be for real!

Where is our Kurt Tucholsky? But then, I forget: many people today don't know of the Beatles.

Dag said...

Richard Warman denied under oath that he's a bad guy. I'm not surprised. CJC responded to this story at Kinsella's blog by stating they looked the case over and are satisfied with Warman. That's not surprising either.

In other news, here in Vancouver yesterday I man just released from prison after eight years for drug and weapons offenses, a man who killed another in a drug deal some years ago, was killed on the street on his way to a pre-wedding party. His family claimed he was "beginning to turn his life around." That surprises me. I am deeply shocked by man's inhumanity to man.

In other news, hundreds of angry pot-smokers.... Yeah, whatever....