Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Good summary of Canada's "Human Rights Commissions": our decline into liberal fascism; and our rising against Islamic Apartheid

Check out Paul Tuns' piece for the February edition of Interim magazine, an excellent summary of our "human rights" scandal in Canada. The link is to his blog home page; scroll down to Tuesday, January 29, 2008, "Human rights tribunals – curb ’em or close ’em". Hat tip: Five Feet of Fury.

Don't forget to write your politicians, federal and provincial, and tell them what you think about the current regime's policing of free speech.

I am also glad to discover that a group of students at York University in Toronto are standing up to the tired old leftist lie (nostalgia for simpler days) about Israel being an "apartheid state". They are organizing against Islamic State Apartheid. While women, homosexuals, and religious minorities do indeed live an "apartheid" existence in most Islamic states, I have seen reports that many Palestinians presently living in Israel will not want to live under a Palestinian state if one is formed in the West Bank. They enjoy greater freedom and wealth in a Jewish state than they expect from an Arab state.

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