Tuesday, January 22, 2008

More on the Cartoons and Free Speech

I haven't had time to write what I want on what this scandal with the "Human Rights" Tribunals is revealing about our culture. In the meantime, I'll just post a few links to things I found helpful.

Our old friend Krishna109 reminds us that the scandal that the cartoons stirred up was not immediate or spontaneous to the publishing of the cartoons in Egypt. The scandal had to be stirred up; it was well-manufactured by those who wish the world to know that Islam cannot be criticized without consequences. Whatever the official pretense for the anti-cartoon riots, there have long been images of Mohammed about. See "Forbidden" Images of Mohammed - Merely a Big Hoax? and
Why Democracy? - Bloody Cartoons

There are many useful links in Krishna's posts; unfortunately the links to the Youtube versions of a BBC program on the cartoons no longer work.

Meanwhile, Jay Currie has some interesting thoughts on
Why the HRC fight is important. Apparently the European political class is giving in to the idea that freedom of expression does not mean the right to offend, which is a pretty scary idea. Since it is not possible for any political actor to avoid giving offense - if you think about it for a moment - the idea implies that there will be a dictator or ruling class that will tell us what we can and cannot say. By all reports, that's quickly becoming the situation in Western Europe.

Will Canada join them? Has it already? Write your parliamentarians and let them know what you think.

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Anonymous said...


In order to preserve the crumbling credibility of THE BIG LIE , the British government, and probably other dhimmi governments, are working on ways to gag, censor and and shutdown the counter-Jihadist blogosphere.

There is currently a discusion of how to prepare for these attacks on freedom of expression at http://ibloga.blogspot.com/2008/01/najistani-on-why-britain-may-crack-down.html and http://commonsenseagainstislam.websanon.com/?p=113.

- Najistani