Thursday, August 07, 2008

China is bad, but Canada is getting worse

Reading Kathy Shaidle's latest at FrontPage Magazine, detailing some of the horrors of state violence against basic human rights in China, one cannot look forward to the next few weeks of China celebrating itself.

On the other hand, while China is bad, it's arguably getting better. I mean the Maoist regime killed tens of millions and I don't think China today kills at anywhere near that rate. And those of us who have been following the "human rights" commissions in Canada know that Canada may be relatively good, but getting worse.

This would seem to me reason for more and more people to focus their outrage on this country. If PM Harper doesn't soon announce a massive reform of the Canadian "human rights" Commission, I propose we put out a request for donations, so that a group of us can fly to Beijing and chain ourselves to the gates of the Canadian embassy, in the name of freedom from Canadian state oppression.

It would at least be interesting to see how the Chinese police treated us.


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Eowyn said...

I've been on a bit of a "hypocrisy" kick lately, and this seems to fit right in.

How willing we are to allow sins in the name of progress.

Perhaps -- or perhaps not -- a good thing. All progressing forward?