Saturday, August 16, 2008

Is Paris Burning?

Motoring in France? What a romance in store for you, ami. It's sooo European. As is this:

Violences urbaines : les chiffres 2007

Lu dans Minute du 6 août :

"Le nombre de « violences urbaines » commises en 2007 en France a été discrètement publié par le ministère de l'Intérieur. Il s'élève à 93 016, dont 37 359 incendies de véhicules, soit 102 par jour ! Le reste se répartit entre 26 217 incendies de poubelles, 7 955 dégradations de mobilier urbain (recensées dans la même catégorie, que celui-ci soit juste endommagé ou totalement détruit), 6 856 jets de projectile (les destinataires étant principalement les policiers et les pompiers), 5 658 rodéos automobiles et 4 101 « violences collectives à l'encontre des forces de sécurité, de secours et de santé », à distinguer des « jets de projectile » qui sont des actes individuels…"
That's translatable from French into English as something like a whole whack of cars burnt, like 102 per day par jour.

Subtle. I can't believe my eyes. How does one hide 102 burning cars every night? And mobs attacking the police? Look, it doesn't matter if they do it par jour or not, once is enough and too much. If the police cannot or will not protect themselves, what are they doing for the citizens par jour? Nada.

Europe isn't finished: If Osama Barka becomes president, Europe is just beginning. They'll come to Paris, Texas, too.


truepeers said...

On average, over 11 collective attacks per day against security and health services, as distinguished from the 19 projectile attacks which are considered "individual" acts. Well, at least they are not calling those 19 loners "mentally ill"!

What's your point about O. Hussein da Kanaka?

Dag said...

If Osama is president, we will see a wave of "yoots" expressing their frustration at social injustice,i.e they'll be burning cars from Nome to Miami; and the great middle-class will be at fault for making their pathetic lives so miserable that the lumpen class will feel they must burn every damned thing in sight just to redeem their class exploitation. Osama will pander to them, and it'll be like France. Same man, different face. Sarkozy, Osama, any fool politician in Europe.

truepeers said...

Sure I can see a few riots, Dag. But it either takes a lot of motivation to keep going year after year, 10-30 times per day, as in France, or a bored lack of imagination that is forever happy with burning cars. I'm not sure American yoots have it in em. That's why they're voting for the Messiah

Dag said...

Paris, Texas isn't Paris, France. If someone burnt a man's car in Texas, the owner or someone standing by would shoot the arsonist, most likely, and end of story. Unless, that is, Osama is president: then we might see the full weight of the federal government and intelligentsia dumping on a lone property owner, intimidating most other citizens, and emboldening the lumpen class to further outrages. Every time a lumpen is shot, further resentment builds; and every time a citizen is stiffed, resentment builds. With Osama pulling for the lumpen-proletariat, and a vast majority of sullen and intimidated citizens afraid of federal troops, the overwhelming majority of whom are civilians in disguise, we face a powerful problem.

America is not Europe, and a "European" president is not a good solution to the pressing problems we face. If by horrible outcome we have Osama as president, we will face a civil war. It's happened before. Pandering to the manufactured resentments of the lower classes is a sure way to create deeper resentments that will, if left unchecked or appeased, lead to outright major violence. That's an Osama presidency.