Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Obama lin Biden fascists go to work...

Alex Jones' lackeys scream "Kill Michelle Malkin!"

Gateway Pundit: MICHELLE MALKIN ATTACKED AT DENVER PROTEST!! (via five feet of fury)

Just a bunch of fringe leftist moonbats? Well, as Malkin herself reports, they share something in common with the great leader.


Anonymous said...

I loved that guy behind dear old Alex calling for Malkin to be killed. The little shushing motions made by the guy beside Alex really only hightened the experience.


truepeers said...

There's nothing those kind of people hate more than a so-called "minority" woman standing up for individual and familial responsibility and freedom while they're still hooked on the nanny state.

Killing the messenger is just the extreme version of how most people approach politics: avoiding the questions that would deny them easy answers. So it's not surprising that in a tense moment the true potential is revealed.