Saturday, August 09, 2008

A Proud Canadian

Thank you, Ezra

National Post Published: Friday, August 08, 2008

We are very fortunate to be living in a society that values freedom of speech. But thank God there are also laws that protect people and religions from being vilified by individuals or groups of people who let their actions be governed by the twisted state of their minds. To publish very distorted cartoons of Muhammad in the name of freedom of expression serves no other purpose than to hurt the feelings of Muslims and to incite them to retaliate.

Mr. Levant should be thankful that the complaint launched against him was dismissed. Rather than mending his ways by contributing to Canadian society, he now rants about how badly he's been treated and how unfair the system is, making him look more like a high school bully than a respectable journalist.

Graphic from Military Mom At Home.

If he believes freedom of speech gives him the right to hurt, insult and demean anybody, he should also remember there is a system in place that prevents these things from happening.

Syed A. Rahman, Edmonton.


truepeers said...

This guy should just be happy he doesn't live in Phoenix, home of the, ahh, brave...

Anonymous said...

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Walker, it's pretty easy once you get the formula in your head. But I can't show you how to do it here because my text will publish as a hyperlink and you won't see the formula you need to use.

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most excellent.

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Dag said...

I was elated when I first saw all the attention this post got, only to crash and burn emotionally when I saw what happened. It's OK, though, I'll seek counseling. I might be better in time. Probably not, but life is like that, leaving broken men on the roadside weeping in agony when people walking by look the other way. I don't mind. Don't feel badly about it. There will be other people in time who post something this significant and they'll get the attention they deserve. No, really, don't worry about it very much.

Anonymous said...

Thanks!Glad to see there's no problem.