Sunday, August 31, 2008

A few comments on Sarah Palin.

Hilary's supporters are not stupid; this is Bush in a skirt.

Andrew, Paris, France

Palin: great mom, exec experience, enlivening. An above-average, "average American", with on the job training. But she hasn't the brains for the presidency. The average American isn't up to the task. That's why we're sinking now: a disdain for intellect and reflection. Obama is better for us.

George, Little Town, USA

Not to mention with every polar bear she picks off with that stupid gun she is helping accelerate their extinction, which is already occurring because of melting icecaps.

Is she into the environment, or trophies? Doesn't she know the USA has a policy against assasination?


John, New Yprk, NY, USA

Hopefully this will backfire in a big way. Any Clinton Democrat or MOR undecided will not flock to fascist fundamentalist Palin just because she is female. How insulting they think any woman will do to pacify the "femnists", so may as well throw in a reactionary to make the ultra-Right happy too.

Archi, Dorset, UK

Palin is anti abortion, Pro Death Penalty Pro Guns !
but the most disturbing - she is for drilling in Alaska and upsetting ANWR - check out this Wildlife Reserve! Bush senior since 1989 has been trying to get drilling going - and his son too ! This is about Oil ! and serious Money !

david, Monte Carlo, monaco

I smell a McCain trick in Sarah. She is a simple place holder thru the GOP Convention. Tom Eagleton comes to mind. McCain will trick the GOP and after the Convention swap in Leiberman! No doubt!!!

Paul Currier, San Francisco, USA

So this is the 2nd most experienced person to lead the most powerful nation in the world? Experience - Uni of Idaho, PTA, Mayor of Small Town. Gov of icebound state 3k miles from DC.
BTW you forgot to say Climate change denier, anti-gay, NRA, pro-oil driller in Alaska, anti-Polar Bear. God save us

Paul, Cincinnati, USA

Hey, Lee in Sterling, USA
She DID get paid less when she became governor compared to the male governor who preceded her. Know why? She cut her OWN pay and sold his jet on eBay.

Then she cut everyone's taxes except the oil companies, whose windfall tax gave $1200 to EVERY man, woman and child in AK.

Dan, Montana, USA

McCain / Palin '08

Palin / Jindal '12 & '16

Thomas , Monee, USA


CGW said...

No wonder I can't stand Democrats.

Sarah, I'm all for you!

Dag said...

I was a Democrat in my youth. Those were the days when Scoop Jackson was a big deal. Now, Barka Osama. I don't recognize my own nation anymore.

But I do recognize Sarah Palin. She's home to me.

Anonymous said...

I find it sad that any parent or mother would put their own self interests and ambitions above the privacy and well being of their child.Sarah Palin talked to her daughter!!!! Sarah's first instinct should be to protect her daughter first above running for office

Dag said...

Looks like I finally got my very own hate-flake leaving a comment. It's nice to know that this anonymous person knows what do do with another woman's family. I will take a wild guess that the commentator above is not merely a hate-flake making a stale comment, just like the hundreds of others from the Obama pre-fab answer machine, but this one also feels that only perfect people like those who spend their adult years in politics should be considered expert enough to be politicians.

Let me see. Did Washington practice politics before he became president? Howza aboza we pick on Jefferson? Nope? What aobut Lincoln? Yes, I know, he was a Republican, but give me a bit of room here, please. Let's see what kind of political background he had, shall we?


1832: Lost job
Defeated for state legislature;

1883: failed in business;

1835: Sweetheart died;

1836: Had a nervous breakdown;

1838: Defeated for speaker;

1843:Defeated for nomination for Congress;

1848: Lost renomination;

1849:Rejected for land officer;

1854:Defeated for U.S. Senate;

1856:Defeated for nomination for Vice President;

1858: Again defeated for U.S. Senate;

1865: Ended his career by being shot in the head by an actor.

OK, so Abe Lincoln was a loser. Yeah, I see your point about Sarah Palin now. Thanks for the input. I am enlightened.

O! O! Obamba! Knows all, sees all, is ALL!