Friday, August 22, 2008

Presidential Quiz

Here's a fun, short quiz for my fellow American History buffs, courtesy the Chicago Tribune:

I found it a pretty challenging test; I scored 13 out of 15, giving me 86%. Some really good questions, I thought; "They really expect their readers to be well-versed in Presidential trivia!", I even said to myself half-way through. Boy, was I naive.

When I was done, I looked around the site to see if there might be similar history tests I could take. (There are) I quickly noticed a link to an article called "Presidential Portraits", which I was supposed to go through first, evidently, because the biographies of the Presidents listed there GIVE ALL THE ANSWERS to the US Presidents test.
Sheesh! What a letdown. I guess it's meant to be a test of one's reading comprehension more than one's basic historical knowledge.
So you can either take the test in the Chicago way, by studying the answers ahead of time, or just plunge into the test, as a raw measurement of your Presidential lore.

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Findalis said...

I scored a 15. Not bad, but then again I did watch the History Channel's President Series.