Sunday, August 31, 2008

One man, one vote.

Hurricane Gustav is going to New Orleans. It'll be an election issue.

Please remember, it was not Hurricane Katrina that flooded New Orleans last time, but the failure of the levy system that our government claimed could withstand such storms. It was government incompetence and lack of accountability, not a hurricane, that wrecked New Orleans so badly last time.

Jim , Jacksonville, Florida, USA

Scupper the Republican Convention! Is it a sign?

phil, Hong Kong,

It's a bad sign for the Republican party when even God is against you !

Bolter, London, Uk

Appearing on Keith Olbermann's wretched show, the first word's out of Moore's mouth after Olbermann asked him about the potential postponement of the RNC were "Gustav is proof there is a God in heaven." (Video link here.)

Does it matter if some people hate you?

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