Saturday, August 30, 2008

Pick the Veep.

I love this gal. Born in Idaho, lives in Alaska. Hunts, goes fishing, has five kids, runs a business, mayor, governor, beats up corrupt old-boys network of in-house crooks.

What a gal!


CGW said...

Blogs - even Republican blogs and the Nobama campaign - are criticizing her for her "inexperience",camparing hers to Nobama's.

Anonymous said...

at least she isn't running on the Hilary platform; that is, she's not playing the sex card as much as Hilary did.

To my knowledge. That she's from alaska is even cooler. My neck of the woods!

And inexperience could be a little bit more brushed off with her than with Obama, considering that she's going for VP, as he's going for the big cheese office itself.

Dag said...

That Palin is "inexperienced" is some kind of joke. She's got a husband and five kids. She is one of those moms I recall from my childhood, one who is down-to-earth and organized and forth-right. She is exactly the kind of American who makes America the nation it is, at least in half part. I want this woman in the White House, not just as veep.

Why should we think that a professional politician is something we should like and respect? What is a professional politician, anyway? What makes someone whose life is sitting in committees for decades making decisions about how to pass off some of your money to one of his colleagues in exchange for a political favor later a person one respects?

Our elected representatives should be from among us, representing us, not suits posing as "presidential." We don't need a street hustler to "re present" us. I'm not like Osama Barka, and I don't know and wouldn't like anyone who is. Hope and Change? No, get the fish in the bin, go home and make dinner, get the laundry done, make lunches for the kids for morning, do the books, pay the bills, answer the mail, fill orders, and get ready to do it all over the next day at a profit. Take off a day once a week and get the family to church, reinforce that with some discipline at home, and watch the kids make their ways into life as full-grown adults. That's the kind of people I know, the kind of people who would "re-present" me if I were a better man. And I know plenty of such people. A politician? What does it mean? What makes a politician a good person? Sarah Palin, instantly recognizable, is one of my own kind. I recognize Osama Barka, too, from having spent years on the road dodging hustlers and scammers and crooks. Maybe those who stayed at home all their lives don't see this cheap hustler for what he is. They likely wouldn't understand Sarah Palin for who she is either. She is America. And that's the experience I want in a re-presenter of my life and goals.

CGW said...


I agree completely.