Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Howard Rotberg is now blogging, in anticipation of his coming trial of Indigo-Chapters

Howard Rotberg: Second Generation Radical

There are a number of interesting posts here, such as this one, which reproduces the statement of Howard's 18yr old Palestinian accuser, a statement whose victimary artifice should be all too obvious to anyone not lost deep in the mindset of victim politics. And here is Howard's statement of claim as Plaintiff before the small claims court. Clearly, Howard is not suing to get rich, but is pursuing the understandable desire to redeem his name, to defend Canadian freedoms - that we may all speak in public without fear of the kind of attack he suffered - and hopefully to show Chapters' management that they have been in the wrong with how they dealt with the original incident and since refused to back down from their defensive folly.

Also note that Howard is looking for a buyer for his publishing company. Maybe that could be something we could help with. We have often spoken casually of rectifying the lack of publishing of the kind of writing that interests us as bloggers.


Dag said...

I'm willing to consider this publishing proposal.

Good luck to Howard.

Anonymous said...

I would also be willing to support you three in owning your own publishing company.

Provided, of course, that I have to supply no monetary support, and that I have to expend very little effort.

In short, I am a moral supporter.

The best kind of supporter!

Dag said...

Given my lack of morals, yours would certainly be welcome.

Anonymous said...

My morals for your money?