Thursday, January 22, 2009

Dag's Poetry Corner

Due to intense public demand for a poem on occasion of Barka Osama's swearing in as U.S. president I finally relented and decided to write one for my legion of fans. I'm inaugurating my own self as President of Dag's Poetry Corner. In commemoration of that glorious event and this memorable day in world history, I dedicate this poem to myself, which is about myself, written by myself, for myself and all the world's starving poor folk and stuff.

"Obama's S'Mokin' "

My fellow citizens of every country I was born in:

I stand here today near Winston-Salem humbled like a Camel

by the task before us requiring the strength of the Marlborough Man

The smoky words have been filtred during rising tides of prosperity

and the still ashtrays of peace.

Yet, every so often-- fffftttt-- the oath is taken amidst gathering clouds-- ffffwwww-- and raging storms.

At these moments, flick, tap, tap, America has carried on not simply because of the matchless skill

or greenish vision of those in high, yellow-stained office rooms,

but because We the People, cough, have inhaled

the ideals of our pallbearers, and true to our founding package label health warnings.

So it has been when others finally butted out.

So it must be with this generation of Americans Striking it Lucky.'s_inauguration_speech:_a_call_for_responsibility_and_sacrifice_at_a_time_of_gathering_storms/


truepeers said...

Obamicon me. Baby, he's my man.

Dag said...

When I see The One my cup runneth over with lachrymosity. I need an emoticon to express myself. Yes, an Obomicon. That would sum it up for me.

Dag said...

I just re-read that. I think it's my most famous poem ever. I think it's even better than my poem, "Teddy Kennedy's Stroke," a masterful piece on swimming.