Saturday, January 10, 2009

Pro-Hamas Demos Turn Ugly Throughout Belgium; Pro-Israel Rallies Don't

One side burns flags, the other waves them. In Belgium, however, the flag-burning side are escalating the flames of rage beyond mere symbolic acts... What follows are a series of translated articles from the Belgian media over the last week on the bad fruit falling from the pro-Hamas tree.

Things are getting so bad that it has resulted in the government having to raise the threat level scale normally used for measuring terrorism:

The [Foreign Affairs Crisis Center] decided to raise the level of alert due to the impact that Israel's actions in Gaza are having in Belgium. "The participation in the organized protests increases with each day. We recognize that the situation is becoming more explosive", notes Peter Mertens. He therefore decided to increase attention and keep a closer eye on Israeli and palestinian interests in Belgium.

Concretely, this means that "the police presence would be redirected and added to, as necessary." A meeting will be held [last Tuesday] with the Anvers and Brussels police to determine which groups might require additional security precautions.

Mr. Mertens specifies that the threat level has nothing to do with risks from terrorism, and is more the case of a threat against public order.

No doubt incidents like the one taking place on Friday, January 2nd, led to this decision to ratchet up security precautions throughout the nation. At an anti-Israel demonstration of a thousand people on the steps of the Brussels Stock Exchange Friday afternoon, young protestors launched a volley of stones that damaged six cars. A store window was also smashed after the protest. No arrests were made.

The Belgian city of Charleroi, previously given its 15 minutes of infamy through the shocking 2004 suicide bombing of Charleroi resident Muriel Degauque in Iraq, saw the results of this increase in security in action, as the forces of law and order succesfully prevented several dozen masked youths from engaging in vandalism at the tail-end of an anti-Israel protest:

A pro-palestinian protest gave way to several outbursts Saturday afternoon, in the neighborhood of Ville-Haute, in Charleroi ...
Several hundred protestors first gathered together while displaying banners at la place Charles II. A delegation submitted a statement of protest to burgomeister Jean-Jacques Viseur.
This part of the protest went without incident.
However, as the protest dispersed, several dozen youths, several with their faces masked, hurtled down the nearby rue de la Montagne, threatening to smash windows, but were prevented from doing so.
The police had taken the precaution to equip themselves with water pumps but these ended up not being necessary.... Local police made several arrests likely to lead to a hearing by the deputy public prosecutor in court.

Last Monday, January 5th, unknown persons started a fire in front of a Brussels synagogue, blackening the front door. Investigators were not certain about how the fire started, but discounted the possibility of it being a molotov cocktail. The spokesperson for the police suggested, through a tactless analogy, that it might simply be a case of practical jokers taking advantage of the situation in Gaza to throw a little "oil on the fire"...

2 molotov coctails were, however, found among the 93 protestors arrested at a spontaneous, unauthorized "peace" protest in Antwerp two days before, on Saturday January 3rd. They had text-messaged each other about the protest, but made no provisions with authorities to seek the proper permits for their public demonstration; the police, in consultation with Anvers mayor Patrick Janssens, told the gathered crowd to leave, arresting those who would not disperse as directed.

This protest ended better than the one which took place in Antwerp on Wednesday December 31st. Anti-Israeli protestors descended upon Antwerp's Jewish community, which had been heavily defended by a strong police presence. (Watch the following (Flemish-language?) tv news account of the incident, as of the 1:00 mark...)

A protest undertaken on January 9th with the participation of a left-wing Belgian political party turned into a bit of a mess thanks to the undisciplined exuberance of the "anti-violence" protestors in attendance. Almost a thousand people had assembled on that late Friday afternoon at the place du Marché in Liège, where the crowd's spontaneous pro-jihad chants drowned out the official speakers' standard anti-war rhetoric:

The protest went on through a certain confusion, as the organizers' speeches were rendered inaudible by the more virulent cries coming from a core group of young protestors. In-between the "Israel assassin", "Zionist terrorist", "Bush, Olmert, assassins", one could also hear praising the glory of hamas, hezbollah and jihad. ...

The Ecolo party had announced its participation in the protest... the green party announced that they had proposed a resolution demanding that Europe put pressure on Israel for an immediate cease-fire, a proposition that will be tabled in the Chamber's foreign relations commission this coming January 13th.

Police in Brussels are very concerned about a scheduled protest this coming Sunday, January 11th. Over 100 organizations, including Belgian political parties such as the environmentalist Ecolo party, the center-left cdH (Humanist Democratic Centre) and the Socialist Party, are participating in an event expected to draw several thousand protestors. Expectations from the organizers are that the numbers will in fact top those of their previous protest in Brussels on Wednesday December 31st. Because of the bad publicity resulting from their previous efforts, thoughtful guidelines are being established by the organizers:
The League of Belgian Muslims (LMB) has asked the participants to not burn flags during the protest, and to not shout "certain slogans".
Policing measures will be very important. Sensitive areas such as synagogues and certain embassies will be secured...

In the middle of all this flag-burning, stone-throwing, and pro-jihad chanting, Belgium's Jewish community organized a demonstration in support of Israel. The CCOJB ("Comité de Coordination des Organisations Juives de Belgique", the "Coordinating Committee of Jewish Organizations in Belgium") held a pro-Israel rally in front of Iran's embassy in Brussels. From the CCOJB's official site:

1,000 people were in attendance to denounce the responsability of Iran in supporting the terrorist organization Hamas. CCOJB President Joel Rubinfeld and federal deputy Denis Ducarme delivered speeches offering their support for the populations [Israeli and Palestinian] in the region who are taken hostage by Hamas and its backers in Iran.

Need we even ask, if police found any molotov cocktails among these protestors..? Was there even a remote chance that they would burn flags, riot, and storm the embassy in a fit of violent rage..?

"By their fruits ye shall know them. Do men gather grapes of thorns, or figs from thistles?
Even so every good tree bringeth forth good fruit; but a corrupt tree bringeth forth evil fruit..."
__Matthew 7:16-18


Anonymous said...

Muslimsa riot in Londonistan

Heretic said...

Jews need to consider the possibility of an alliance with the British National Party.

Dag said...

A commentator above urges Jews to combine forces with the British National Party (BNP). The BNP is routinely accused of anti-Semitism and racism. That's hardly surprising, given that "we are all racists" and that "White Europeans are the cancer of history," as Susan Sontag proclaimed. It's the usual Leftist communitarian idiocy, long since the ruling narrative in the West, at least among the intelligentsia and great parts of the (poorly) educated masses. The BNP is racist. Racist, racist, racist.

CBC News, "Reactions to racism not as strong as we think, study finds."

While most people believe they would not tolerate a racist act, a new study from Canadian and U.S. researchers found test subjects in an experiment reacted with indifference when exposed to one.


"The failure of people to confront or do anything about racist comments is pretty widespread in the real world," said Smith. "People may feel uncomfortable if someone makes a remark like this, but it's rare they will actually confront them."


This bit of brilliance comes from the tax-payer-funded state media, CBC. It's from a study created by more state-funded social engineers. They claim that we are secret racists who react strongly to racism when we read about it, but when we actually encounter it in "real life" we do nothing about it. The pseudo-scientist reaction to this is outrage. "We are all racists!"

My take is that in the world of the living, outside the psych. lab, people live normal lives and treat "racism" for what it's worth, which is about nothing at all. No one cares because it's no big deal to those who don't make a living at raging about it. If someone is a racist, who gives a damn?

Crime is crime; but thought-crime is only criminal when it's used as a club to beat the civilian population. I don't care at all if someone is an anti-Semite. I only care if they incite violence against Jews. And I don't even care about the incitement unless it's likely to cause violence. Professional "racism" hunters are a menace who will turn the world against the serious problems of racism by turning every thought into a crime, at which point people will react with fury and possibly turn on the "victims" and get rid of them just to stop the constant barrage of hatred against the civilian population. That's how I see the protest vote for the BNP. It's not a positive step; it's one of frustration and growing rage against the suffocating and insufferable Hippie Elite. I'm not necessarily against protest votes. Maybe some negativity is needed for a while. But it's not for me. I'd rather find a better alternative. The usual passivism of the masses won't do much longer. One needs a genuinely democratic movement to free the West from the Hippies who control for its own sake, and perhaps secondarily for the sake of our collective souls. I'd vote for the BNP to rid the nation of Hippies. But I'd rather do something positive.

truepeers said...

yes, with many people, the meaning of "racism" can be anything to do with making value judgments, and as such becomes a meaningless prostration in a religion of non-judgmentalism, as if a necessary understanding of good and evil in the context of our particular society could be banished from the world.

But there needs to be some way to distinguish legitimate discussions of difference from hateful and immoral ones. It does matter if someone is a racist, if he has power over you. So I'd suggest we insist that "racism" mean this: immoral distinction or hatred that is self-destructive or violent to others. At least then, we can challenge people who like to use the word liberally to try and think through questions of morality, good and evil, instead of hiding in relativism.

The two great problems with the BNP that I can see from my little knowledge are not to do with its antisemitism which it now claims is in the past, as it seeks to portray itself as pro-Israel. They are, rather, 1) that it remains antagonistic to all Brits who are not white or even anglo (and thus alienates many potential allies in the counter-Jihad). It wants to turn back the clock and deny the reality of the UK today. As such, they remain a fantasy party. It's one thing to say no more immigration, quite another to refuse to come to terms with reality as it exists today.

2)they may call themselves "hard right", whatever that means, but they are still a party for statist welfare bums who would reject many of the important values of an independent middle class.

Voting for them to get rid of gnostic hippies would be to substitute one deadly disease for another. I don't see how that can be taken seriously. Does it matter what kills you first? Can we really know that a big BNP vote will only work to wake the other Eurodhimmi parties up?

Dag said...

I'm not deeply confident about the self-awareness of the average BNP member or voter, not them self-aware in political or personal terms. To be crass, the BNP is, in my terms of reference, "trailer-trash." No, I don't want such people running anything, even a vacuum cleaner, which might in other hands be a bonus. Louts and yobs don't do a thing for me. And the danger of allying with them is that we could well lose the effect if they actually become prominent without moderating, as is the case of the "elected" HAMAS. A government run by angry drunks on the dole is a nightmare, though one unlikely at this time. We have, to an extent, seen it before. I think Seymour Lipset propses that Hitler was able to get votes by bringing out the lumpen proletariat for the first time in significant numbers. That, in my opinion, is how I would describe the stereotypical BNP member. "All" is too scholastic a quibble to mention. However, to the point of the lumpen, I will diverge to point out that the charge of them being responsible for a Nazi plurality is possibly true in the wrong way: The criminal lumpen sub-classes in Weimar Germany and the working sans culottes, i.e. demobilized soldiers and the wandervogel and primarily students, made up the "dangerous classes." Students and hippies. "New Age" pagans and vegetarians and nudist and mystics. We see this clearly today in the repeat of history as farce. Dangerous and violet farce. Yesterday they voted for Hitler. Today they vote for Obama. Tomorrow they vote for -- Dear Leader. We can't be too careful about the people we promote as allies. Regardless of the "anti-Semitic" canard, the BNP is corporatist, more alike to the Italian fascists than Hitler, not no friends of mine: Leftists who demand nationalistic, nativist socialism. Socialists to the left of Stalin, the narodniki; to the right of Stalin, the Italian fascists. It's not as if any of them are our friends at all. It would be "too clever" indeed to think we can manipulate the extremists to do our propaganda work for us, as Truepeers has pointed out on occasion. However, they do their work on their own, which is our propaganda: they scare the elitists, which we do not; and they scare the average person, which is who we are. Thus, if we are afraid of those who wish to do our work for us, then perhaps we should look at the BNP and see what we can expect of ourselves if we do nothing but let the BNP do our own work instead. Let them come, and let us be nervous.

Regarding "racism." Francis Gaalton might be known to some intellectuals, but I dare say, the average sociology student prating on about "racism" is unlikely to know more about him than the name. Worse, who among them has even heard of Arthur de Gobineau? and yet, racism" is the obsession of the masses of our lower-level intelligentsia.

I can't begin to claim there is no "racism" in the West. Look at the numbers at the Stormfront boards. They have many adherents, numbers I could only dream of at this time were I to smoke opium. Yes, "genuine and informed about the subject-racists" do exist, and in significant numbers, perhaps rivaling the numbers of those who belong to philately clubs.

Are racists, the real ones who follow Racism the late 19th century pseudo-science, anything like a significant threat to any civilian? Only in the sense that they are close allies of HAMAS and Leftist dhimmis such as the Trotskyites. Need we be overly concerned about "racists" per se? Yes, and in the same way we must be careful of phrenologists and vegetarian food fadists and Irrationalists of all sorts.

But as far as those who are inherently "racist" due to the innate racism of the capitalist mode of production that favors the White race and ya ya, I have no concern. It's a non-issue for the rational. "Racism" is a witch.

Anti-Semitism is not a racism. It is something altogether different. It is anti-Semitism. In these, our modern times, Medieval anti-Semitism is coupled with anti-Modernism. Thus, anti-Semitism is anti-Americanism and anti-capitalism, i.e. Povertarian philobarbarism. Combined with Islam, we see the suicide of the West in slow motion as assisted by Islam in its own death-urge fulfillment.

If we are to save anything of life in a nuclear world, we have to work at it. The BNP is not a great ally for me. Instead, I look for the normal and the dedicated Modernist who lives a life of quiet privacy and who values it enough for himself and others to take out time to act for its preservation in the West and its importation to the universe. The methods and means don't concern me much. Arguments from analogy in this instance leave me unimpressed. We have enemies. We must win against them, not by being nice but by winning.

Worrying about "racism" is unimportant. The 19th century is over long ago. Long live the 18th.