Saturday, January 03, 2009

Vancouver HAMAS rally

Here's the introduction to a piece from J. Narvey, one of those in attendance protesting against the HAMAS-sponsored hate rally today in Vancouver, Canada.

Another Protest Against the Fascists

Once more, into the breach. Some friends and I made our way to the pro-Hamas protest outside the Vancouver Art Gallery today. We showed our Canadian and Israeli flags and distributed some literature with a point-by-point comparison of Hamas and a more historic fascist movement. Some highlights:

1. The middle-aged woman protesting with the fascist supporters who came over and shouted at our small contingent, saying:

"If I were in Gaza, I would be a suicide bomber. We are all Hamas. Every one of us would do that. We are all Hamas."

For the full account, please click the following link:

It was good. We were few, but we were a happy few. It feels just right to stand in the snow and fight for democracy and Human decency, even at the risk of pneumonia and facing the possibility of the wrath of an enraged jihadi mob. Really good.


reliable sources said...

Last night, I was at Waves coffee shop in downtown Vancouver and a guy sitting beside me had a large screen laptop. There was an eye-catching image on the screen of a large hand print with blood all over it and a headline about 'Stop the Genocide' and show your support for the Palestinians. He and his friend -- both twenty something guys with dark hair speaking a foreign language -- were talking to each other. They looked at this site for a long time.

I missed the rally but the rally found me.

Vancouverite said...

Wow... what is this world coming to when people openly support terrorism on our streets. Never mind supporting Gaza residents, that could be rationalized, but to actually go as far as supporting the TERRORISTS that Hamas are. That is just evil.

Seems so clear cut to me.

Why is it OK for Hamas to target civilians, but not for Israel to target terrorists?!? Where were these do-gooders when Israel's civilians were being bombed for years. Gaza civilians would not be hurt if Hamas did not use them as shields. Hamas WANTS its civilian population to be killed, because that gives them the only ammunition that works for them--world sympathy.

There is a HUGE moral difference between the two sides.

The civilian suffering is only ONE story of thousands that could be told about this whole situation. In law it would be called anecdotal evidence--In and of itself it carries little weight in explaining or defending the situation.

Make no mistake, anti-semitism is alive and well in Vancouver.

Dag said...

I was qt the rally, of course, and I overheard some disturbing news: tht those called on cell phones refused to come out in support of normal Human decency to protest against HAMAS terror supporters because they were -- afraid.

I met a fellow afterward, one on the side of Good, as I unashamedly call it, who was so shaken by the violent emotion of the mob that he couldn't light his cigarette. It's a hard thing to face hundreds of people who would like to kill one. Still, imagine what it will be like if they gain even more power in this country. If we do nothing now to stop them, how much more dangerous will life be in time to come? One might learn to live with fear of jihadis and deal with it at this stage rather than at the last stage of dhimmitude.

It's hard to stand against a hate-filled mob. It's dangerous. It's also right.

Jonathon Narvey said...

Thanks again for coming out, Dag. And thanks for the writeup.

Not to make light of the violence in Gaza -- civilians are suffering there as a result of Hamas' criminal recklessness, even if it's the IDF doing the bombing -- but when I see lines like 'Stop the Genocide', I reflect on a friend's observation that the Palestinian territories seem to be the only place in recorded history that has endured "genocide" and double-digit population growth simultaneously, year after year.

That's a hard trick to pull off, as the Darfurians would tell you.

Dag said...

Reason and reality have little to do with the Muslim reaction to this situation, otherwise it wouldn't be happening. We have to live with the opposition as they are rather than as we think they should be, i.e. like us, rational and Modernist in our ways of living. So it's war. That's rational. The problem of the Muslims is their own doing, and the solution to the problem has to come from them eventually in one way or another. We can understand them, and yet we must also deal with them as they are. Part of that means standing in the snow facing crowds of hostile people.

Good to meet you. Always a pleaure.

Vancouver said...

have you ever lived in Palestine, you ignorant fucks?

no wonder people are supporting hamas with armchair qbs like you in this city.