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What is the battle in Gaza about?

There are a couple of good (if not complete) answers in today's Canada Free Press. First, Ari Bussel writes:
The fight has transferred to new fronts, the world over. Demonstrations throughout the USA and Europe are showing the true face of anti-Semitism, the real hatred for Israel and the Jews. Here is a report by a law enforcement officer in Los Angeles who visited Israel for the first time less than a month ago:
Thanks for the updates on what has been gong on. I think a lot of us have a much better understanding of the situation since our trip. Over here (in LA) we have been dealing with about three protests a week at the Israeli Consulate. It’s pretty heated on both sides of the debate (Israel supporters on one side of the street and Palestinian supporters on the other).

I was amazed to see the women and children from the Palestinian side run across the street and curse and give the finger to the Israeli side.....and most of these kids were under 10 years old. We also saw someone flying the hezbollah flag and place it on a traffic light among other flags.

The outright support of a terrorist organization (one that had killed numerous Americans) in the US like that sickened me. It makes me wonder what people are truly thinking and supporting behind closed doors. Anyway, stay safe.
You are all soldiers on the front line. You are all fighting for the world, for all the freedoms we have grown so accustomed to enjoy. The front line in Gaza and the 26- mile radius around it – current reach of rockets - has extended. You are now involved – in Los Angeles and New York and Miami, in London and Paris and Antwerp, in South Africa and New Zealand and Australia, in Hong Kong and Japan and Taiwan--and there is no backing out. With clarity of thought and moral conviction, we march together forward. We must be victorious.
Second, Beryl Wajsman gives a good account of the enemy and the essential point: this is a war against the West and modernity and freedom, not simply or ultimately about Israel, the country that is doing our fighting for us:
Hamas, Hezbollah, Islamic Jihad, the Al-Aqsa Brigades and all the other proxies of Iranian murder have but one common aim. The destruction of Israel and the killing of all “infidels”, Christian and Jew. It is written in their charters and they should be taken at their word. They care not a whit for their own people because their power derives from the culture of death that they perpetrate against their own citizens using state faith as a weapon of submission. Their challenge is not only to Israel, but to the west at large. The Islamists that are marching in western cities are directed by shrewd and murderous operatives of regimes spawned in the dark ages of history. Israel is but the frontline of civilization. And Israel is once again fighting the west’s war first.

No nation can sit idly by while 7000 rockets over six years are hurled at it. Even Egypt closed its borders to the murderous Gazan regime. Journalists speak of Hamas as the duly elected government of Gaza. Yet they conveniently forget to mention that Hamas only got elected because they killed or drove out most of their Fatah opponents prior to the vote. It was a putsch as brutal as any the world has seen in the post war era.

To those who argue for cease-fire and negotiations, let them explain how to negotiate with an enemy that swore peace if Israel withdrew from Gaza, yet attacked with greater vehemence once Israel did. To those who advocate a truce, let them answer what to do with an enemy that broke the truce brokered not by the west but by their Arab cousins in Egypt. To those who advance claims for compromise and common ground, let them respond how to find common ground with an enemy that interprets every peaceful gesture as weakness and an invitation for attack.

It has been said that Hamas seeks to rebuild Gaza. Then why did it destroy all the infrastructure, waterworks, greenhouses and industrial plant left by Israel? It has been suggested that Hamas merely needs funding and it will be peaceful. Then why is it that even the Arab League, flush with petrodollars, has given nothing. The answers are simple. Hamas willingly lives in destruction and desolation because it abides by the creed of division, discord and death. And with this creed it happily terrorizes its own people and the world. This is the mirror of the “caliphate” that these theocratic tyrants and their allies would impose on the free world.

President Kennedy pronounced in his inaugaural address that “civility is not a sign of weakness and sincerity is always subject to proof.” Hamas has always taken civility for weakness and its sincerity has never been proven. It is time to eradicate this evil from the earth.
On this, see also the blog of our reader Findalis:
...the confrontation is not between Hamas with its rockets and Israel. The confrontation is between Hamas, as one of the entities that compose radical Islam, and the free world. Its declared goal is to establish a world Islamic caliphate as part of an anti Semitic ideology that also calls for the annihilation of the Jews. Explanations will follow. And since political Islam has already annihilated millions without any announcement, we should take it seriously when there is an announcement about annihilation.

Is Hamas part of the global Jihad? Section 7 of the organization’s manifesto explains that it is not a local movement, nor even a national movement. The heading is “The global nature of the Islamic resistance movement.” And later, “Because the Muslims are spread throughout the entire world, the movement is global.”

Is this a movement that calls for the annihilation of the Jews? That is what is written in a continuation of the same section. “The messenger (Mohammed) said, “The Muslims will fight the Jews and the Muslims will kill them, until the Jew hides behind the stones and the trees, and then the stones and the trees will say, ‘Oh, Muslim, Abd Allah, there is a Jew who is hiding, come and kill him.” And this is in addition to blaming the Jews for all the wars in the world, for world domination, etc.

Sheikh Muhsin Abu Ita stated on the Al Aktza channel that “The annihilation of the Jews is a wonderful blessing.” Dr. Ahmed Bahar, acting chairman of the Palestinian parliament stated that “the Jews are cancer, and they and the Americans should be destroyed to the last person.”

According to the Palestinian constitution, this man, Bahar, will become the head of the Palestinian Authority if Abu Mazen ceases to function. Dr. Yunis Al Astal, a member of the Palestinian parliament, one of the senior Hamas officials, who served as dean of the faculty are of Shariyah and chairman of the Islamic Law Department at Islamic University, stated that the annihilation order is a matter for our time and not for the future.

The book by Dr. Matthias Kuntzel, “Jihad and Jew-Hatred,” elaborates on the annihilation ideology of radical Islam, including among Hamas. We have not yet succeeded in imparting this awareness to the world. It is still not too late.
This is already starting with Muslims all over the world calling for a second Holocaust against the Jews in every nation of the world.

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