Monday, January 05, 2009

New Year's Icy Rescue

Winter, the darkest time of the year, seems to bring out the best in people. Here's an amazing story of a dog owner in Manchester, England, whose quick actions saved his dog from an icy death:

Marc Greenhalgh was walking his cocker spaniel, Jarvis, through ice-bound countryside when the pet became trapped in the middle of a partially frozen lake.
Jarvis, who had fallen in while chasing waterfowl paddling in a hole in the ice, clung desperately to the side with his front paws while his owner fought his way over.
With other dog walkers looking on in horror, Mr Greenhalgh then swam back with his pet, put it on its lead, dried himself off and calmly went home to thaw out.
"It was very traumatic for everyone watching, but he was as cool as a cucumber - he just clambered back out, put the dog on its lead, and went home.
"I think he was very brave. Any dog owner would have done the same - I certainly would."

[HT to Hot Air]

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