Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Denmark no longer protects its Jews, no longer willing to fight fascists?

It is no secret that many Canadian parents actively seek to isolate their children from the children of poor immigrants from countries not-yet-modern, much of the time. Middle-class Canadians often do this at the same time as preaching multicultural pieties. They often speak of their choice to enrol the kids in French immersion(when they can't or won't pay for private schools: for anglos in cities like Toronto and Vancouver, French immersion is the state-subsidized alternative to state schools full of English as a Second Language students and often with racial/gang problems) as taking a stand for multiculturalism. How long can we sustain such polite hypocrisy?

Are we not avoiding the hard work that would come with apprehension of the need to insist that newcomers only maintain (but also expand) their old-world cultural preferences after signing on to what is required by a civilized country in the way of modern behaviour and reason? Can we look forward to becoming even more like Denmark?

Unless we are willing to expel evil from our midst, the violent thugs will rule:
A number of school administrators have come forth in recent days to confirm that they recommend Jewish children should not enrol at their schools.

According to school administrators, law enforcement officials and social workers, the on-going conflict in Gaza has led to heightened tensions between Jews and Arabs - particularly Palestinians - here in Denmark.

And although few headmasters of schools have faced the situation, most of those at schools with a high percentage of children of Arab descent say they try to prevent Jewish parents from enrolling their children there.

On Monday, headmaster Olav Nielsen of Humlehave School in Odense publicly admitted he would refuse Jewish parents' wish to place their child at his school.

The comments were made following an incident last week in which two Israeli citizen's were shot and wounded at a city shopping centre. Police believe the incident was a reaction to the Gaza conflict.

Other headmasters have now come forth to support Nielsen's position, adding that they are putting the child's safety first.

At Caroline Skole in Copenhagen's Østerbro district, video cameras watch over the playground and entrances of the school, which is surrounded by a 2.5 metre-high barbed-wire fence.

One parent whose child goes to the Jewish school said thinking about the extra security can be disturbing at times, but she felt it was necessary.

Rabbi Bent Lexner called the headmasters' concern 'theoretical. In reality, Jewish parents would never try to enrol their child in those schools.'
Yeah, but that's a sign of a scary lack of freedom in Denmark, and not just for Jews: great education the Muslims must be getting. I mean, what kind of idiot headmaster do you have to be to think that this problem will go away with the Jews, that one can avoid the need to tackle the thugs, to fight a war? I guess they're just hoping that their pensions and state benefits will keep being paid, that they will die before Denmark. And tough luck for any in the younger generation.


Eowyn said...

I'm seeing it as the squeaky wheel getting the grease. I threaten you, and you cave. Darwinist theory writ modern.

You see it at the diplomatic, judicial, press and common levels. Everyone reacts the same.

What I wonder is whether we, as Homo Sapiens, still have the ability to conquer any threat. Granted, this one brings subtleties against which we may not have a frame of reference. But it is still a threat, nonetheless.


I see us all now, as I have for some time now, at a true crossroads, on many levels.

I see this particular juncture of history as pivotal, for Jews.

The abiding quality of Jews is that they have found ~what works~ ... that is, unchanging principles ... family first, then nation, overriden by justice ...

And in a changing world, it is the biggest challenge to hang onto core principles. Fundamentals. Building blocks. As our Creator advised us.

(AND the Buddha, if anyone is listening ... :)

Increasingly, we are confronted by the Rabbit Hole of changing perception of reality. The Jews' abiding legacy is never, ever, straying from original principles -- and they are very simple.

There must be an anchor; and that is the key difference between these disparate Arab elements and Jews. Jews just know.

(Apologies for zapping off on a tangent, here, guys.)

Witness said...

"Denmark no longer protects its Jews, no longer willing to fight fascists?"

Jews around the world know that it is not just Denmark who is not protecting Jews. Even here in Canada where there is anti-hate and legislation in place and the government IS actively doing things to maintain law and order, Jews and Jewish interests are regularly targeted and vandalized, hate crimes directed at Jews are not as unheard of as some would think, and our Police forces can not fully protect Jews.

Just a few days ago in Toronto the police advised Jewish pro-Israel protesters to leave the Gaza rally out of fear for their safety as Police would not be able to protect them.

Israel too was doing a pretty lax job of protecting Jews until a couple of weeks ago.

Remember the first of the bulldozer attacks in Jerusalem? In keeping with the passive approach the wider world seems to expect Israel to adopt to deal with murderous terrorists, the police were using "restraint" against the driver who was running over and murdering civilians. The Israeli police were standing around trying to find a non-violent way to stop the driver even as he was in the act of committing murder.

The rampage was ended when a bystander TOOK A GUN OFF OF A POLICE OFFICER, jumped on the bulldozer, shot and killed the driver, and saved countless lives.

There is a saying: The Holocaust against the Jews has not ended. Only now, the Jews have armed themselves.

Dag said...

I wrote long ago about the bifurcation of Humanity, between, in a sense, those who value food production and those who don't. It's a matter of attitude, about the understanding of the meaning of life.

Over the years I've come to write about "Povertarians" as those who don't value food production, rather, they value "poverty." I see in my mind's eye a scene on a hilltop looking down to
Eilat along the beach with sparkling high-rise buildings and shops and ships, and most startling of all, a huge patch of jade green banana trees in the middle of the desert on the Israeli side of the border; and to the other side, Aqaba, dust, dirt, sand and decay stretching for ... everywhere across Jordan.

What do we value and work to create? It depends on our attitude toward the meaning of life. I think it's about Life. So I find myself standing with Israel. If it comes to it, I'll stand with Israel even in ruins. They'll rebuild.

Eowyn said...

"What do we value and work to create? It depends on our attitude toward the meaning of life. I think it's about Life. So I find myself standing with Israel. If it comes to it, I'll stand with Israel even in ruins. They'll rebuild."

Shakespeare. "Therein lies the rub."