Monday, January 12, 2009

Paragraph nine of 12, this phrase in the middle of sentence.

"[H]amas politicians are riding out the war in a bunker beneath Gaza City's main medical center, Shifa Hospital,..."


Kurdi said...

It's funny how you failed to mention that this is a statement of the israeli military officials, not exactly the most trustworthy source of information regarding hamas.

Anonymous said...

What would you consider a trustworthy source of information regarding hamas, Kurdi?

Dag said...

It's not funny at all. You and everyone else has the link, which is longer than the text. It's clear I posted a partial sentence, a phrase, as it's called. o to the full text, not just the full sentence, and read it for yourself. Make up your own mind.

But you had already, no? You decided long before you saw this that HAMAS are your team, and that if they are found hiding in a bunker under a hospital, you'll find some excuse to dismiss it as OK. Where I come from, that's dishonest.

maccusgermanis said...

Actually, I rather think the IDF rather motivated to know where Hamassholes are. If the rats weren't hiding under a hospital then I think IDF would gladly tell us where to find the bodies. The IDF is a great source for knowing which skirt, and or baby stroller, particular blood-thirsty savages are hiding.

Dag said...

We're dealing with emotional zealots here, unsurprising given that HAMAS is the Arabic word for "zeal," and that the Left is epistemologically committed to Irrationalism.

For more of this, turn to: Downtown Eastside Enquirer, A Thousand Israel Supporters Turn Out to "Battle for Truth" Rally in Vancouver.

Good to see you again, Maccus.