Friday, January 09, 2009

Surprise, surprise, evidence of more "Pallywood" photoshopping being gobbled up by the Western blood-loving press

Trouble is, there isn't even any blood on this "live ammo"-struck demonstrator/victim. Hell, I guess, a "victim" is a victim; if that's what you worship you put the "photo" up. It's a week old but I haven't had lot of time to surf lately: Breath of the Beast nails NPR: Can Public Broadcasting Really be THIS Contemptible?

UPDATE: Via SDA who have the video in question:
The segment with Gilbert shows him and another doctor badly faking chest compressions and other life-saving measures on a live boy faking death in what can only be described as political theater. The video claims to be filmed by the brother of a Palestinian teen that claims the boy was one of two purposefully killed by a missile fired at them by an Israeli drone as they played.

[...] CNN editors who swallowed the story of the poorly-acted video unquestioningly—no doubt because it fit the anti-Israeli narrative familiar to CNN viewers and critics—have now pulled the video without explanation, correction, or retraction.

It has also been determined that the videographer who filmed his brother's "death" is the general manager of a company that hosts web sites for Hamas.

Fake but accurate! While the video is gone, the story remains up at CNN.


Dag said...

Things that hurt are sometimes surprising to me.

I was off on some adventure years ago in a cold and hard land doing an obviously difficult and dangerous task and there I met a woman who took a moment out to pass me some food. There was something funny about her, and it bothered me for years afterward, her demeanor, the look on her face, it haunted me. Once in a while her face would flash before my mind's eyes and I'd get nervous and chilled. I didn't like the feeling at all. Scared me.

Then one night, I got it. I figured it out in a terrifying epiphany.

She felt pity and compassion for me. I'm so far removed from those feeling that I didn't understand them at all other than to be afraid of such at an intuitive level. Knowing that I can be so far removed from common decency is a frightening and disturbing thing. Being threatened by the look of pity in a woman's eyes, that's a sign I've gone too far. If I don't understand it when it's directed at me, what pity would I have for another?

There are those who don't see themselves at all. They don't see others either. Last evening I sat in a group of a thousand men and women, I an outsider, one who doesn't belong, and I saw that look on the faces of all those who looked at me. I could weep from shame.

I'm not a weepy guy. I'm still the rough and Jacobin man I am. I leave hope and pity to others. I have my things to do.

Witness said...

If I were a betting man I would bet that 99% of what we are hearing is happening is not happening the way we are hearing about it. Over the next few months the truth will come out, but media retractions will be few and far between.

All the anecdotes we hear about the suffering are coming from so called eye-witnesses, and we know these eye-witnesses will lie Pallywood style. Just like Mohamed AlDura who was actually killed by Palestinian gun fire, NOT israeli gun fire. And the so called Jenin massacre that has since been proven to never actually have happened. Both examples of Pallywood propaganda that years later Israel still gets condemnation for.

This is not to say that civillians are not being hurt or killed. They are. And it is sad. But that is nothing new. Find me an urban war, or any war for that matter, where civillians are not victims. It is a reality of war. Peaceloving nations like Israel and Canada know this, and that is why we do not make decisions lightly about going to war. But sometimes war is neccessary. In this case, it is overdue.

In this current conflict the only thing Israel is guilty of is letting Israeli citizens be targets for as long as they did. This action is long overdue.

Witness said...

Hey Dag,

I hope you don't mind me saying this, but you are NOT an outsider. There were many non Jews present last night. It does not matter if you are a Jew, a Christian, or even an atheist. The rally last night was in support of freedom and life, and the right of a democracy to fight to protect these virtues for her citizens. It was a rally in support of standing up to hatred and terrorism. It was a rally that went far beyond the scope of religious affiliation.

From what I gather you were, you are, indeed an INSIDER.

truepeers said...


You're very right. It amazes me a little to see and hear what the media take from Hamas at face value, instead of simpy saying, this is what the unverifiable reports coming from the Hamas dictatorship, which rules local opinion and speech by threat of death, are saying. We remain outside of Gaza...

But of course some people are dieing. I agree this is likely (depending on the seiousness of the Israeli government) a necessary evil that has to weighed against the survival of a group and ideology that, if it ever got its way - destroying modernity and the global economic system that alone can feed our billions, but in which Islamic culture is largely a failure - would require the vast majority of humanity to die.

Dag tells me my ongoing attempts to explain Generative Anthropology to him go in one ear and out the foot. But in case he's wondering, I will just say now that the great thing to appreciate about any the emergence of any human sign on a shared scene is that it simultaneously constructs an inside and an outside. When we begin to appreciate how this can happen, we start to liberate ourselves from thinking about events as being simply defined in terms of insiders vs. outsiders, and one or another will to power, because we begin to see how both positions are dependent on a shared human process, on our working together in ways we cannot fully rationalize or grasp.