Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Drowning in Left Dhimmi Fascism.

"Root cause" and "critical analysis" are euphemisms for anti-Semitism, anti-Americanism, anti-Modernity. Five Palestinians drown in a wave of their communal sewage, and we read within the hour of it happening that the Jews are responsible, that the Americans are to blame, that the root cause known from critical analysis is that the Modernists of the world in search of oil and profits and simple racist hatred of The! Palestinian! People! prevented the Pal.s from maintaining their sewage containers to the point they burst and killed people. What another load of shite.

Who died? Two old ladies, a girl, and two babies. Root cause? They got left behind.

Muslims, wallowing in self-pity, racism, and outraged triumphalism, drown in their own filth because they are of the opinion that they are perfect. Raised from birth to think of themselves are the world's most important people tortured and destroyed by the world's worst people, the Jooos, Palestinians do nothing but indulge a phantasy of hatred and fascist aesthetic of violence. The only nation on Earth that is entirely on welfare, these people do nothing of importance in their own lives because they believe they are not only victims of the world who feeds them and houses them and idolises their sufferings and 'feels their pain' but that their way of life, the life their religion demands of them, if only they were free to practice it without "occupation" would be the perfection it was before the coming of the colonists, imperialists, and the Jooos. Perfect. "Bennabi, the Algerian thinker, laments that the notion 'Islam is the perfect religion' has been transformed over time to 'We are Muslims; therefore we are perfect.'"1. And no one is more perfect than The! Palestinian! People! So they do nothing for themselves, and then they drown in their own shit.

Root cause? Critically analyse this:

Gaza sewage flood kills 5

March 28, 2007

A WAVE of stinking waste and mud from a collapsed septic pool inundated a Gaza village today, killing five people, including two babies.
The flood killed two women in their 70s, two toddlers and a teenage girl and injured 35 others, hospital officials said.

More than 200 homes in Umm Naser - a village of 2000 people - were destroyed.

The Gaza City mayor blamed the collapse on local people digging dirt from an earthen embankment around the structure and selling it to building contractors.

Gaza City Mayor Majid Abu Ramadan, who leads a council of Gaza municipalities, blamed the collapse on endemic lawlessness.

He accused local residents of stealing the dirt and selling it to building companies for 300 shekels ($A86.80) a truckload.

Angry residents drove reporters out of the area and mobbed government officials.

When Interior Minister Hani Kawasmeh arrived to survey the damage, his bodyguards fired in the air to disperse the crowd.

The collapse will force officials to divert the waste into the other six basins, putting those in danger as well.

Another collapse could send sewage flooding into Beit Lahiya, a far larger town nearby, local officials said.

A 2004 United Nations report warned that the sewage facility, built to service a population of 50,000, was handling waste from 190,000 people, and flooding was inevitable.

It warned that the lake created by the overflow from the seven basins posed a serious health hazard, providing a breeding ground for mosquitoes and waterborne diseases.

The flooding incident underscored the fragility of the overburdened infrastructure in this impoverished and overcrowded coastal strip of 1.4 million people.

The West Bank, too, is suffering from eroding sewage and water infrastructure.

Angry residents drove reporters out of the area and mobbed government officials who arrived at the scene.

Several major sewage treatment projects funded by foreign donors, including one in Umm Naser, were frozen after Hamas won elections last year.

"We had a project to treat sewage in north Gaza, it was worked on for two years," Kawash said. "We built a pressure pipe line and pumping station," he added. "But it was stopped after ... troubles began."

Palestinian Interior Minister Hani al-Qawasmi, who rushed to the village to survey the damage, came under attack from angry gunmen who fired shots over his head, local witnesses said.

Mr Qawasmi was whisked to safety in a police car.

Who hangs out at the mosque all day checking each other out; who struts around with guns; who fires home-made rockets at civilians; who does nothing about the sewage building up all around? Palestinian men. Who dies when the shit flows? Old women, girls, and babies. Who pays for all this shit to flow? Dhimmis. Who gets the blame for the filthy result? The Jooos, the Americans, the capitalists who pay for the medicine that keeps the Pal.s alive to the point they have over-populated-- to the point of madness. Who incites the insanity that drives these ignorant and vile people to acts of self-destruction? Who cheers the murder of innocents and cries crocodile tears when one of the murderers is killed? I know. You know.

When is enough enough? When do people in the West stop playing this game that kills innocent people? What on Earth makes Palestinian people the ones to suffer annihilation for the sake of amusing the dhimmi cheerleaders of Left povertarian moralistic self-indulgence? Palestinians get used by the povertarians. Palestinians, people who are no worse than others by nature, no better, they are the darlings sacrificed by the fanatics of povertarianism. How many more ignorant peasants and hunter/gatherer primitives will have to drown in their own shit before we choke our own who make this likely? It's our own who do this. It's not the Jooos. It's not the Americans. It the Leftists. It's the dhimmis. They kill people. That is a crime. This shit has to stop. Someone has to pay!

1. Milton Viorst, In the Shadow of the Prophet. Boulder, Colorado: Westview Press; 2001, p. 15.

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