Thursday, March 22, 2007

Quebec Dhimmis Vote Themselves Outre

Veiled Muslim women will be permitted to vote
2007-03-22 05:47:06

Muslim women wearing the niqab or burka - veils that hide the face entirely - will be allowed to vote in the Quebec elections, without showing their face. That's the directive from the Director general of elections, despite the fact it goes against the electoral law.

We meet again this Thursday evening, as every Thursday evening, at the Vancouver Public Library in the atriuum from 7-9;00 p.m. to discuss public current events regarding dhimmitude, jihad, and Left fascism. Please feel welcome to join us at the Covenant Zone. We wear blue scarves and israeli flags on our baseball caps so you'll have no trouble recognising us.


Anonymous said...

Amazing! Do people not know they have a right to be offended by these Jihadists? For Jihadists is what they must be. Can we not conclude that a covering that was expressly designed to remove women as much as possible from public life can only be used in public life as a considered undermining of it? Must not the veil now become, when used - it seems to me in parody of what must be seen by some Canadian Moslems to be dhimmi-liberal-Western sluts - as an ironic symbol of the liberal belief in the right of all and sundry to participate in Canadian public life however much their poligional values are committed to ending public life as we know it, nothing but a well-considered affront to Western society, dressed up in the black politics of our own self-hating White Guilt! Whoever wins this election needs to do something about this Director General, pronto.

Either women wear the veil and they behave as the veil dictates, which means leaving Canadian workplaces, schools, and voting polls; or they join our public life in the spirit of maximizing face-to-face human reciprocity that our public life is meant to serve. I will have no covenanting with those who cannot show us the respect our offer of reciprocity to them deserves. And if it is the men of the family to blame, what are they doing here? deport them or create a province to serve their desire for dar-al-Islam, on Ellesmere Island. What, exactly, are they offering us? Has anyone bothered to ask?


dag said...

One might hope that Quebecois voters will see in this example of dhimmitude the real danger to their continued existence as a singular people under threat from a genuine force of cultural and religious heegemony. The flippant and cliched anti-Americanism of too many Westerners is not merely trite and boring, it now becomes self-destructive in its diversions from a horror that is ignored for the sake of fashionable conformity to political stlyes of the time.

It is also possible that Quebec might well be the first of a long list of groups to take back the culture from the elitists who rule rather than govern. The ground of culture is fertile in Quebec in ways more obvious than in much of the West. But to maintain the cultural identity of Quebec as distinct there muust also be a recognition that Quebec is part and parcel of our Modernity, our heritage from the Renaissance through the Enlightenment and the revolutions of Industry, the American and French Revolutions combined with our Judeo-Christian and Greco-Roman backgrounds, all of which lead us to the state of personal freedom and cultural fulfillment that Islam and fascism do not allow for, and in fact are determined to quash.

As Quebec leads, so might the West generally follow. Let us hope for strong and determined nativist resistence and a revival of covenantal culture from Quebec.