Thursday, March 15, 2007

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The Covenant Zone bloggers meet every Thursday, 7-9 pm, in the atrium of the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library, in front of Blenz Coffee, wearing blue scarves. Why do we meet? Why do we bother? Every week for a year now we have posted reasons at this blog - check the archives and see. Well, we've had some people join us; but not enough. We need more people if we are going to achieve much. So, this week, let's try another tack. Let's now give the floor to someone who does not mince his words, or hide his learning, when it comes to discussing the problem of Islam as a political ideology that is antagonistic to our highest values in the West, an ideology that we can either confront now when we can (leaving Islam the religion alone), or we can let it grow in Western countries, with the help of the West's self-hating left, and, in time, perhaps lose our civilization. He says we must start meeting each other in public if we want to stop this.

Bill Warner of the Center For The Study Of Political Islam is who I'm talking about. If you're in Vancouver, I think he wants you to attend a Covenant Zone meeting. Read his essay, quoted below and face his difficult truth. But if you think he is lacking perspective on Islam, we still need you to come to our meeting and tell us why, or leave a comment here. If he is at all close to being right in his claims, you have to admit you have to come out and join us (after all, his prose calling on "revolutionaries" to get out and meet in public, and start working together, bears a striking resemblance to that of our co-blogger, Dag, who has been saying these things for some time). If you're not sure what to make of Warner, come to our meeting and have a calm and reasoned discussion with other people in search of the truth, people who ask the right questions and are not satisfied with easy pieties from any political, professional, or social camp. Here is a taste of what we must discuss:
First, let’s see how ignorant we are about the history of political Islam. How many Christians can tell you how Turkey or Egypt became Islamic? What happened to the Seven Churches of Asia mentioned in Paul’s letters? Find a Jew who can tell you the Jewish history of dhimmitude (second class citizens who serve Islam). What European knows that white women were the highest priced slaves in Mecca? Everyone knows how many Jews Hitler killed, but find an unbeliever who can tell you how many died in jihad over the last 1400 years.

We are just as ignorant about the doctrine of Islam. An FBI agent gets two hours of training on Islam and most of that is how not to offend the imam. We are fighting in Iraq. Who utilizes the political, military doctrine of Islam to plan strategy? Who can find a single rabbi or minister who has read the Koran, Sira and Hadith? What governor, senator, congressmen or military leader displays a knowledge of the political doctrine of Islam? Try to find a course available in a college about Islamic political doctrine and ethics. Graduates are schooled in Islamic art, architecture, poetry, Sufism, and a glorious history that ignores the suffering of the innocent unbelievers. Graduates read comments about the Koran and Hadith, but do not read the actual doctrine.

So why are we so ignorant? Let’s start at the beginning. When Islam burst out of Arabia into a decaying Byzantine world, the unbelievers recorded it as an Arabic invasion. Similarly, the invasion of Eastern Europe was by Turks; the invasion of Spain was by Moors. Our scholars were incapable of even naming the invaders.
But the Trilogy [of Islamic holy texts] is clear about the doctrine. At least 75% of the Sira (life of Mohammed) is about jihad. About 67% of the Koran written in Mecca is about the unbelievers, or politics. Of the Koran of Medina, 51% is devoted to the unbelievers. About 20% of Bukhari’s Hadith is about jihad and politics. Religion is the smallest part of Islamic foundational texts.

Political Islam’s most famous duality is the division of the world into believers, dar al Islam, and unbelievers, dar al harb. The largest part of the Trilogy relates to treatment of the unbelievers, kafirs. Even Hell is political. There are 146 references to Hell in the Koran. Only 6% of those in Hell are there for moral failings—murder, theft, etc. The other 94% of the reasons for being in Hell are for the intellectual sin of disagreeing with Mohammed, a political crime. Hence, Islamic Hell is a political prison for those who speak against Islam.
Our civilization must acknowledge our status. We are still dhimmis. It has been 1400 years of servitude, slavery, dhimmitude, ignorance and a repressed and denied history. When we understand our history we will see exactly how repressed and in denial we are. The first mark of the dhimmi is ignorance of political Islam.

We must acknowledge our suffering. We must decide that 270,000,000 of our ancestors did not die in vain. We must gain insight into why we know so little. There is a very deep reason in our collective psyche why we choose to remain ignorant. We are afraid to admit our dhimmitude and slavery to political Islam. A million Europeans were captured and sold into Islamic slavery. If the history of slavery were completely told, whites and blacks could see each other in a new light. Islam has enslaved us both.

In the past this shame, ignorance and fear could be ignored. But now political Islam is here and has us by the throat. Our future as a civilization depends upon realizing how close to annihilation we are. Only a revolution can save us. We must have a revolt of the dhimmis, a Dhimmi Revolution. After 1400 years it is time we faced our shame and fear with the Mind of War.
our worst danger is our near enemy, Islam’s apologists. In the end we will win or lose depending on how we deal with our dhimmi leaders in the media, schools and politics. Once we win the Dhimmi Revolution, winning the war with Islam is possible. If we don’t win the revolution, our civilization will become extinct.

And what is the nature of the near enemy, the apologists? Ignorance about Mohammed and political Islam’s history. Our experience is that when an apologist learns the truth about the doctrine and history of political Islam, the danger is revealed.
We must also build community out of strangers. We must develop ways to meet others in our city. Larger communities must be formed from the small communities. We need ways for revolutionaries to learn what is going on with other groups to learn from each other’s failures and successes.

A community should be formed out of those who have similar functions with the revolution. As an example, writers should get to know each other personally. Web site owners have common problems and need to build community to deal with those common problems. People who write letters to the editor should get to know each other. Get the idea?

We have to start working in groups. A lion or tiger only kills in about 10% of its attempts. Pack animals have a much higher kill rate, about 90%. Do the math. Join the pack.
Every columnist, politician, preacher, priest, rabbi, artist, writer, professor, or correspondent who makes a statement, comment or conclusion about Islam and does not make reference to the death of 270,000,000 victims of jihad, to dhimmitude, or to the doctrine of political Islam must be challenged about their ignorance. Every leader in every area must learn the history of dhimmitude, slavery and the life of Mohammed. Once they know this they will start to use the words Mohammed and Allah when they speak about Islam.

The Dhimmi Revolution must get in all leaders’ faces and confront them with their ignorance. This has to be without blame. Our leaders are not stupid, but ignorant. And the reason they are ignorant is they grew up in a culture where their teachers were dhimmis, who submitted to Islam by remaining ignorant about our history of dhimmitude. These leaders bear the burden of 1400 years of ignorance. Each of them share the psychosis of the molested mind. A mind in denial and fear caused by the violence of dualistic political Islam.
Read it all and come to a meeting, or start one of your own.


zazie said...

I have read your post...How I wish I lived in Canada ! I could then join you, even it it meant flying over to Vancouver . As I am in France, I can only promise two things : first I will think of you every thursday, starting today ; then I'll buy myself a blue scarf and explain my wearing it to those who will ask ; it might be a way to start something in my tiny "town" !
Something else I wanted to tell you : yesterday, I talked with a 15-year old girl about a text she was studying in English..She had to explain why Columbus applied to Isabelle la Catholique for the funds necessary to his going to "the Indies"..Of course, she first said that he had started to America ! But the worst came when she showed by her answers that she had NEVER heard of the Reconquista over the Moors ; anyway, she did not know the word "moor". That is the sort of teaching she is given in a "good" school ; "pauvre France"!

truepeers said...

Thanks Zazie. I was never taught the history of the Moors. I only really began to understand political Islam when I picked up the Koran and read it. I'm still not sure whether I understand religious Islam, or if there is really much to it to understand in comparison to the political. There seems to be little if any theology in a religion that declares God absolutely other, completely unknowable, his will unpredictable. It seems to make men both highly fatalistic and willful.

Wearing a blue scarf, on the other
hand, while a political symbol, is also a reminder, I believe, of the covenants in the Judeo-Christian Bible, of a partnership between God and men. We can have a serious theology because we are allowed/allow ourselves ongoing historical revelations into what we are, and thus some insight into the mystery of a God who is both a person and other.

Charles Henry said...

Zazie, I thank you as well.
I read about the Moors as a child, but never in school, only in the history books I devoured on my own. I went to catholic schools, so we received much more european and canadian history than my friends in public schools did, but even that was minor indeed compared to what my parents used to tell me had made up their elementary and high school curriculum. They even had latin! I would have loved to learn latin... I envy those who can.

The manner in which history is being taught today, not just here but around the western world, is appalling. We are teaching nothing less than amnesia and guilt. And history is not taught as a story, so that it can be made interesting to the young; it's taught as a memorized list of names and dates, treaties and titles. That approach is guaranteed to turn them off the subject, and never pursue further learning on their own, as was my good fortune to do.

standfortruth said...

Our small group here in No.CA. has been hard at work exposing the 7th grade textbook in our elementary schools. We started in Sept.2006.

We wrote numerous letters to the editor. We held signs at the schools and passed out tracts with the truth about Mohammad. We financed two showings of What The West Needs To Know About Islam and a total of 5 people showed up!

We started a blog to rebut the textbook's lies and we are almost finished. The lack of interest is pathetic. At least no one can say we didnt' warn them.

Hope your group is more successful.

Charles Henry said...

can you communicate with me via email? I'd like to talk with you in more detail about some ways in which we may work together to mutually support each other.

I think we are in a position to be of service to you.

Anonymous said...


Even the ex-Muslims are struggling to be heard. But when you read about their struggle and suffering it becomes easier to renew your commitment to the cause. Maybe we are only doing a very little, but maybe if it is helping save one life, somewhere sometime somehow, it's still worth it.

Even if this is notion is not convincing, have a look at that link for the fascinating detail that bum pinching of women on pilgrimage to Mecca is common when they round the Kaaba. (Learning about Islam just gets weirder and ... perhaps this is why some people don't have time to learn about it?)

As Charles says, keep in touch!