Monday, March 19, 2007

Obama o' da Hamma

Democrats don't seem to like democracy very much, at least when it comes to one of their own making a political campaign speech. In a video making the rounds on the Internet, we see a rip-off of the Ridley Scott video done for Apple Computers, this time not Bill Gates as Big Brother but Hillary Clinton speaking to a hall full of zombies. A "courageous" woman runs down the aisle swinging a hammer, chased by anonymous police agents. Smash, there goes Hillary, a seemingly pleasant middle-aged, middle-class lady. Smash Hillary and her speech, and portray the voting public as zombies. Yeah, and Barak Obama, the Hamma, can walk away from it all saying he didn't do it. Nice. We're all to stupid to get it anyway.

To watch the video click here.

Or click th eurl here:

Do it before the Democrats decide you're too stupid to have access to the Net.

Hey, what's that pounding noise at the doo--


dag said...

Phew, that was a close one. It was the Thought Police at the door. They took one look at the book in my hand and went away satisfied.

Now, back to hillary's fine piece, "It takes a Village Idiot."

Whoa, what's that hammering sound at the doo-

maccusgermanis said...

Funny video.

Are you aware of the 910group? I met some members in DC that were quite interested in your meetings in Vancouver, though I think most were from the DC metro area. Gee. I hope I didn't rat you out to the thought polizzzzzzt....

I'm sorry what was I saying? This flashing campaign button seems to have a short...why won't it come o......

dag said...

Hey Macc. It's too late for us, mate, we are known to THEM. I should not have gone on about Hillary's opus, "It takes a Village, Idiot." Or is her book titled "It Takes a Village of Idiots"? Oh, now I'm confused.

Macc, we still meet once a week, and we'll crry on till we win or die of old age. We do what we can, and we grow in numbers, slowly, it's true, but we grow and we will continue to do so. It's toughh sometimes to see it through but we carry on. We met some frieends in California rercently, and perhaps with them we can move out to meet others till we hahve a physical network to make our movement a solid force to effect real social cahnge in our favor. The more people who know about us and whom we know of and can contact the better.

Macc, it's good to get word from you again.

My best.