Sunday, March 11, 2007

What race is Islam?

There are those who still don't care to get it: Islam is not a racial matter. Anyone can be a Muslim. Unfortunately, if Muslims and multi-culti types get their way, we will all be Muslims. But wait, maybe Islam is a good thing. Either one of the smiling gents below could be a Muslim today. Both could be tomorrow. What a happy world it would be if we were all Muslims. The question is, which fellow would I like to be like?

This smiling fellow?

Or this smiling fellow?


truepeers said...

The notion that a poligion, many of whose members attempt to cover women (and to a lesser extent men) from head to toe in a standard uniform that reveals little if anything about their appearance, is a racial identity, is rather peculiar, if you think about it (notwithstanding the notion that the Umma is some new kind of nation).

Consider that the anthropological purpose of feminine display is not simply sexual or an expression of individual personhood, but is, in most traditional understandings, an expression (if somewhat personalized) of a racial and/or family identity. Marriage, the exchange of women or men between families or tribes, has an undeniable race-conscious element to it, even among those of us who would today like to forget such matters.

In our world, so many on the left are infatuated with denying racial differences are of any importance, save (and this is a big exception of course, one that even influences the marriage market) in administration of victimary claims. Perhaps part of the appeal, but also tension, for the left with Islam is that Islam also plays down racial differences in its own interests. If so, when the left tars critics of Islam with "racism", what game are they really playing? Are they trying to tell Muslims that Islam's leftist defenders are the real leaders of the idealized "world without race" movement? Surely they are trying to make "anti-racism" the pre-eminent religion of our age, but do they see Islam or "white supremacism" or Judeo-Christian religion as their most serious competitor or ally? Probably they are confused by the battle and don't really know. They just reach for their most tried and true utopian sword.

truepeers said...

Then again, if you are marrying your women to your cousins, perhaps there is no need for allowing your women to display themselves in any way. So then, covering them up would not be an attempt to deny race but simply to recognize its non-negotiable reality.

dag said...

I maybe shouuld have posted a pic. of Tiger Woods' blonde, Swedish wife.

And no, it ain't me in either picture. I thhink I look like Clark Gable or Carey Grant.