Thursday, March 22, 2007

Thursday meeting

This week finds the Covenant Zone bloggers socked with the cold that is going around. But the blue revolution continues and so will some of us tonight, as every week, in the atrium of the central branch of the Vancouver Public Library, 7-9 pm.
Come join us and discuss the future of covenanting as a means for citizens to renew the political and decentralized authority in our national life.

If you want something more to read, let me remind that Canada will be remembering next month the ninetieth anniversary of the Battle of Vimy Ridge, when a bunch of Canadian citizen-soldiers developed, on their own initiative, new ways to capture a heavily defended position and helped turn the tide of that dreadful war. Next month, the Queen will join the Prime Minister at the Vimy memorial and present the new Canadian design and institution of the former empire's highest military honour, the Victoria Cross.

Here is one account of that battle to rouse the walking wounded among us:First World - Primary Documents - Philip Gibbs on the Battle of Vimy Ridge, April 1917

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