Sunday, March 25, 2007

More things that look like Allah

There are many Zionist plots to defame Allah. They make Coca Cola labels to look like Allah to defame Allah and the Prophet Mohammed, (pbuh.) We blow ourselves up on infidels for that insult. There are many and varied beautiful examples from Islamic art that show the name of Allah as it is written by Muslims. These are the true images of Allah.
Allah want for Ramadan is my two front windows.

Allah is hugely masculine, as one can see from this beautiful 12th century Hanbali School caligraph.

Allah is just and merciful, as we see clearly in this 9th century Shi'ite fresco-graphic from Iran.

The very sight of the name Allah sends us into paroxisms of explosive emotion.
In this example of Moorish design caligraphy we see the name of Allah very cleverly drawn. You will no doubt now wish to revert to Islam.

This is the name of Allah written in the night sky above Mecca.

Here is a nearly perfect example of the name of Allah.

You have seen the name of Allah in all its glorious manifestations as it is written by Muslims, and not this time by the hated Zionist conspirators. You are ready to revert to Islam by now, for sure. If the idea of blowing yourself up on kafirs is putting you off, and if you don't get a total thrill out of 72 virgins bringing you coffee in bed every morning, then think of all the fun you'll have in paradise during art lessons. Yup, as a Muslim you can spend eternity drawing pictures like those above, all day, over and over, pictures of Allah. Forever. We'll be signing you up p.d.q., eh?

Yalla for now, habibi.

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Ypp said...

Recently I've gotten another name of Allah (in braces):

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