Saturday, March 17, 2007

We are the Champions, Champions of the World!

We here in Vancouver, Canada have been denouncing jihadis, da'waists, dhimmis, and assorted death hippies in public every week for over a year. Every Thursday evening for well over a year now we have sat openly in public to condemn Muslim triumphalist jihadis and those I'm always happy to call Left dhhimmi fascists. We condemn them simply by being seen sitting in public as symbols of resistance to the tyranny of the fascist Left and their jihadi proxies, their violent lap-dogs. We meet the Death Hippies face-to-face at their rallies. We picket them at their hate-conferences. Inch by inch we beat them back.

Are they scary? Are they threatening and dangerous? Good grease, we've seen them at their rallies making music for their masses, music that I swear they stole from the television show Sesame Street. Too many of them are profoundly stupid in a real-- organic sense. Their brains don't work well enough to allow them to think beyond the most basic levels of survival. Not all of them are "just kids" who will grow out of it. Many of them are highly-paid civil servants and civic employees. These lumpen Gnostics are collaborating with an enemy that will and does murder civilians across the world.

We meet weekly and protest them and their activities simply by meeting openly in public. It's time you start joining us. It's time for you to quit worrying what the neighbours will say if they see you sitting with us. Soon your neighbours will wonder why you weren't with us from the beginning.

The times they are a'changing. It's time for you to catch up. Thursday evening, Vancouver Public Library, in the atrium, 7-9:00 pm. You! Sit in the Covenant Zone. No more bullshit.

Veterans, Others Denounce Marchers
Counter-Demonstrators Number in Thousands

By Brigid Schulte Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, March 18, 2007; Page A12

As war protesters marched toward Arlington Memorial Bridge en route to the Pentagon yesterday, they were flanked by long lines of military veterans and others who stood in solidarity with U.S. troops and the Bush administration's cause in Iraq. Many booed loudly as the protesters passed, turned their backs to them or yelled, "If you don't like America, get out!"

Several thousand vets, some of whom came by bus from New Jersey, car caravans from California or flights from Seattle or Michigan, lined the route from the bridge and down 23rd Street, waving signs such as "War There Or War Here." Their lines snaked around the corner and down several blocks of Constitution Avenue in what organizers called the largest gathering of pro-administration counter-demonstrators since the war began four years ago.

The vets turned both sides of Constitution into a bitter, charged gantlet for the war protesters. "Jihadists!" some vets screamed. "You're brain-dead!" Others chanted, "Workers World traitors must hang!" -- a reference to the Communist newspaper. Some broke into "The Star-Spangled Banner" as war protesters sought to hand out pamphlets.

"Bunch of hooligans in motorcycle jackets!" one war protester shot back.


[W]ar protester Susanne Shine of Boone, N.C., found herself in a crowd of counter demonstrators, and came out in tears, with her sign in shreds. "They ripped up my peace sign," she said.

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