Sunday, March 04, 2007

School Teachers with Guns?

David Warren on the need for imperialism.

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dag said...

When unfamiliar subjects come up for public debate the first reaction of most is to shout down the thoughts spoken, simply because, as most people know, familiarity is blessed. That publicity is one sometimes swamp we as Blue Revolutionaries must wade into with voices quietly reasonable. And there we find our tables at the coffee bar and we talk, saying things I, certainly, have never dreamed of hearing. I came to our meetings with the idea of being so far from the mainstream that I felt I'd have to beg for attention to my radicalism. But far from it, I find myself sytmied often by some of the most interesting and complex, sophisticated and beautiful arguments currently available to those who care for free and intelligent debate. Wow. I have to sit back in my chair many an evening to let the new filter into my generally open mind. I hear from others of our Revolution things so strange to my ears, so unfamiliar to my experience and my reading, that I have no idea how to respond. Unfamiliar? More and deeper.

Then there are times I see and smile knowingly, thinking that Mark Styen, whoever he is, should be sending me a cheque for my contributions. The only problem with my vanities is thaht many others think exactly what I think, and many more think it through far more clearly, express it far better, than I. I look forward to those who have ideas, even unfamiliar ideas,joining us for a banquet of the mind at our weekly Thursday evening meetings.

David, Mark, you guys can come any time.