Friday, March 23, 2007

Grovel or die. No. Both.

Jihadis and their dhimmi cheerleaders at University of Toronto are crying again about Islamophobia. Same day, jihadis are threatening death to those who disagree with them. Some days you just can't win. It recalls the old saying: "If those all about you are losing their heads while you remain calm, then perhaps you've misunderstood the situation."

Death threat lobbed at Muslim group promoting moderate beliefs

A moderate Muslim group that called for a separation of religion and state in a recent documentary has received a pointed death threat.

The Muslim Canadian Congress received the message Tuesday morning. It was left on the Toronto telephone of secretary general Munir Pervaiz.

"I swear on 99 names of Allah, if you don't cease from your campaign of smearing Islam … I will slaughter you," the unidentified caller said.

Toronto police and its hate-crime unit are investigating.

The message was addressed to congress president Farzana Hassan and founder Tarek Fatah, and mentioned Allah's name three times in a row.

"It is scary," Pervaiz told CBC News on Wednesday."This is the first time that someone is really swearing in the name of God and it appears that person is taking an oath by announcing the name of God three times."
'Proves problem exists'

Pervaiz said the accusation of smearing Islam is a serious one, an offence that some Muslims believe is worthy of punishment.

The death threat comes after the Muslim Canadian Congress took part in a documentary that aired on CBC News on March 6. The piece examined the divides between secular and fundamental beliefs within the Canadian Muslim community.

The congress has been targeted for its moderate beliefs before, but never in such a direct fashion, Pervaiz said. Members have had their homes and cars damaged after sharing their opinions publicly.

"We want as many people to know that such a problem exists in Canada," Pervaiz said. "People thought we were exaggerating, but this now kind of confirms and proves the problem exists."

Neil in Toronto, Canada posts this:

CFS Islamophobia Report: Marxist-Islamist Speech Code Under Guise of Legitimacy

[T]he Canadian Federation of Students has completed its "Task Force on the Needs of Islamic Students", and - surprise! - has concluded that Ontario Universities are hotbeds of "Islamophobia". Its report calls on University administrators to use the Ontario Human Rights Commission to vigorously counter and prosecute violators of "Islamophobia".


It was created by Muslim activists and Marxist agitators with pre-existing agendas, looking to exploit white liberal guilt to further their goals of Islamic supremacy and anticapitalism.

  • Sheikh Faisal Abdur-Razak, President of the Islamic Forum of Canada, who proudly boasts on his web site of having studied in Saudi Arabia from 1977-1986 at King Abdel-Aziz University in Jeddah, under scholars such as Sheikh Muhammad Qutb and other Wahabbi and Muslim Brotherhood teachers. Osama Bin Laden attended the same school in the late 1970s, and has identified Qutb as one of his chief influences.
  • Grace Edward Galabuzi, a Ryerson professor who regularly presents at Marxist and Socialist conferences;
  • Alex Kerner, the notorious Trotskyite socialist agitator who ran the SAC at the University of Toronto in the early part of the decade, and now works for the Ryerson Students Union.
  • Ausma Malik, a U of T social justice agitator who will be speaking at the "Marxism: A Festival of Resistance" conference in Toronto this May;
  • Diana Ralph, Carlton University professor, and favourite of the paranoid-delusional "9/11 Truth" movement ;
  • Mohamed Sheibani, President of the Muslim Students' Association of the U.S. and Canada, a lobby group with documented links to the Saudi Wahabbi movement .
  • Wahida Chisti Valiante, National Vice President of Mohamed Elmasry's Canadian Islamic Congress, who has been promoting anti-American, anti-Israel sentiment for years (read her 2004 article here)


truepeers said...

calls on University administrators to use the Ontario Human Rights Commission to vigorously counter and prosecute violators of "Islamophobia".

-prosecute violators of Islamophobia? not only do they want to shut us up, they want to do so while destroying the logic of our own language!

If anyone still has doubts about where all this is leading in a once free society, check this out:

"Last month, two students at Cambridge University's Clare College became victims of this state of affairs. The students dedicated an edition of their satire magazine to the one-year anniversary of the global Muslim riots which followed the publication of caricatures of Muhammad in the Danish Jyllands Posten newspaper. As the students recalled, those riots led to the deaths of more than a hundred people.

Although the British media refused to republish the caricatures, British Muslims held terrifying protests throughout the country where they called for the destruction of Britain, the US, Denmark and Israel and for the murder of all who refuse to accept the global domination of Islam.

In their magazine, the students published some of the caricatures and mocked the Muslims for their hypocrisy in accusing British society of racial prejudice while calling for its violent destruction.

The Muslim reaction was apparently swift. Fearing for their lives, the students were forced into hiding.

But the Muslims were not alone in their anger. Clare College set up a special disciplinary court to consider action against the students. And the Cambridgeshire police opened a criminal investigation against them in late February.

The persecution of these students provides a case study of the two-pronged offensive being carried out today against Western culture. First there are the jihadists, who call for our destruction. Then there are the leftist intellectuals and public figures who defend radical Islamists and work to silence those who criticize them by criminalizing speech and condemning free thinkers as racists.

The direct consequence of this two-pronged offensive is the repression of free thought."

That's from Caroline Glick who has lots more on the evil we are facing.

Every day it's becoming clearer that we have little time left to destroy the mounting fascism. If readers aren't asking what can I do to live in a free society again, where one is free to call Islam out for what it is, they are probably already lost. Enjoy your time before the Jihado-Marxist committee that decides whether you get to survive now that we no longer have a capitalist economy, the only one that can feed six billion people.

truepeers said...

I also left some comments on this story at the excellent blog Dust My Broom, which has several posts on the death threat story.