Friday, December 26, 2008

Year of the Palin.

"Thank heavens this turned out to be a gag gift for Christmas 2008...."

That bit of brilliance comes to us via the Los Angeles Times, (see below.) A calender of Sarah Palin is the best-selling gift this Christmas season at, and the LAT thinks it's a joke. That's pretty funny. I'm wondering whose future is looking rosy? Is it the future of the LATimes? Or is it Sarah Palin's? Gee, dear reader, I don't know. Let's take a look and find out.

The Tribune Company, the newspaper chain that owns The Chicago Tribune and The Los Angeles Times, is trying to negotiate new terms with its creditors and has hired advisers for a possible bankruptcy filing, according to people briefed on the matter. [Story here.]

Well, heckeroony! It looks like the joke is on the LATimes. Whodda figgered?

Dave Porter. "Sarah Palin 2009 calender tops gift lists."

(AXcess News) Reno - Entrepreneurial spirit is alive and well in America! A Sarah Palin 2009 calender - available online via - is flying off the virtual shelves of holiday gift-giving ideas and is slated to become perhaps the most popular gift giving idea this holiday season!

The 2009 Sarah Palin calender carries 50 photos of the popular Alaska Governor whose photographs were done by Wasilla, Alaska photographer Judy Patrick - complete with Palin's gun-toating [sic] and flag waving provado [sic].

Palin, who flew [sic] to national popularity when she was named [sic] the running mate [sic] of Arizona Senator John McCain in the heated and highly followed [sic] presidential campaign against Barack Obama.

If you're expecting a photo-op [sic] there in the 2009 Sarah Palin calender with a lipstick weilding pig - forget it. Palin was portrayed with background images of Alaska and American flags and was not intended as a post-race slap at Democrats.

As to why the 2009 Sarah Palin calender would be more popular than say a Barack Obama calender is anybody's guess - but there it is for all to judge for themselves. Perhaps the fact that Palin is more of a post-election topic than prior presidential Veeps on the losing side of an election may have something to do with it.

That, gentle reader, is pretty incoherent. I liked it though. It encapsulates the mind-set of many Palin critics in a milder way than they often portray themselves. But let's move on to the professionals at the LATimes. They're literate. They''re hip. They know stuff.

Sarah Palin's 2009 calendar is the #1 Amazon office supply

Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin is still No. 1 in some people's hearts and minds.

And now her 2009 calendar is currently the No. 1 seller on's list of office products and supplies, beating out a nifty pair of scissors.

The calendar-maker is Judy Patrick, a former Wasilla deputy mayor and F.O.S., as well as an Anchorage-based photog who used her own stash of pix of the governor and her family to create the calendar.

Click here to buy one!

Thank heavens this turned out to be a gag gift for Christmas 2008 and not a portent of the new U.S. vice president taking office in 2009.

Anybody else think we totally dodged a bullet?

Or are you one of those 2012 hopefuls?

Oh. Ho. Those LATimes writers are so clever and witty. Ho. Ho. I personally don't know why the geniuses at the LATimes are going bankrupt. Oh. Ho-ho.

Anybody else think they'll totally dodge the bankruptcy bullet?

Or are you one of those 2009 LATimes hopefuls-of-being-employed?

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