Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Mysterious Spengler No Longer A Mystery

Spengler, longtime anonymous columnist for Asia Times, has "outed" himself in his column this week.

He admits that he is actually the associate editor of First Things magazine, David P. Goldman.


truepeers said...

So he thinks he can get his name back! Spengler, Spengler... the Catholic Jew

truepeers said...

Reading the Spengler Forum for reaction, and thought I should add this note from Spengler: "First Things is NOT a Catholic magazine. It was founded by a Lutheran who later became a Catholic. Its editor is indeed a Catholic, but the two associate editors are respectively a Lutheran (Russell Saltzman) and a Jew (me).

He already sounds like a (different) man!

Dag said...

I used to wonder how parents could be so rotten as to name their kid Spengler. So I read this with a sense of deep relief.

And yes, I read him differently too, suddenly. I think I know less about him than I did before. His ideas were open to me then; but now I have piles of detail irrelevant and distracting.

I liked him better before his disclosure, which wasn't exactly not much. Not that I dislike him now. Now I have to read him as a guy who is less open to me. Less objectively himself, to my mind. Now he's all dressed up in veils of autobiographical personality.