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The pressure to merge Islamic values and Western values, or globalization as slavery

Islamic values: BBC NEWS | UK | Magazine | Dark side of the Dubai dream
Offering a purchase that would see a £438,000 apartment rise to £1.33m in just 10 years, the sales reps also said they believed the workers were happy to be there.

"It's much more difficult to earn some money in Pakistan or India, so people actually save by living for free in proper housing, eating for free in the canteen, using the transport and sending something to their families," she said.
Paying up to £2,000 to make the trip, the sum often has to be borrowed or family land sold in the belief that within 18 months the debt can be repaid.

Instead on arriving in Dubai they are met with shanty town conditions hidden from public view. In a country that penalises journalists reporting stories which negatively reflect the economy or insult the government with massive fines and even imprisonment, it was important to maintain a low profile.
None had been paid the money they were promised by the recruitment agencies, and many couldn't afford to eat properly, living on a diet of potatoes, lentils and bread. Average salaries are often no more than £120 a month. This for a six-day week, often working up to 12-hour shifts. One company paid approximately 30p an hour for overtime.

"I am not able to pay any of my debt and I cannot provide food properly to my family as well. I have made a great mistake coming here," one man told us.
"The latrines are so filthy we cannot use them, we are so disgusted. The roads are full of garbage and waterlogged."
We decided to find out for ourselves.

Armed with a secret camera we sneaked into the camp to be met with the smell of raw sewage. Sewage had leaked out all over the camp, and workers had to create a network of stepping stones to cross it and get back to their accommodation blocks. One toilet block had no water supply and the latrines were filled with piles of raw faeces.

Documents obtained by us showed that a month previous to our visit, the Dubai authorities described the sewage situation at the site as critical. Arabtec had been fined 10,000 dirhams, approximately £2,000, for allowing sewage to overflow into workers' accommodation.

The authorities also reported that the camp was overcrowded with 7,500 labourers sharing 1,248 rooms with poor ventilation.

But with the downturn in the economy, the workers feel less able to complain as the consequences are graver.
Western values, via scaramouche:
ISTANBUL (AP) — The incoming head of NATO called on Monday for a balance between free speech and respect for religious feelings after a dispute over his support for the right to caricature the Prophet Muhammad had threatened his appointment.
Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who overcame objections from Turkey about his suitability for the alliance top job, said he will pay close attention to religious sensibilities when he becomes NATO secretary-general in August. His stance over the caricatures had angered Muslims around the world.

"I would never myself depict any religious figure, including the Prophet Muhammad, in a way that could hurt other people's feelings," the former Danish prime minister said at a conference in Istanbul, Turkey.

"I respect Islam as one of the world's major religions," said Fogh Rasmussen
American values: Obama Declines to Call Armenian Deaths in World War I a 'Genocide' - First 100 Days of Presidency - Politics
ANKARA, Turkey -- President Obama on Monday declined to repeat his claim that the deaths of up to 1.5 million Armenians during World War I was a "genocide," stepping back from his campaign pledge to Armenian Americans that the "widely documented fact" would be fully commemorated during his presidency.

During a joint news conference alongside Turkish President Abdullah Gul, Obama said he did not want to "focus on my views" or in any way interfere with delicate negotiations between Turks and Armenians on what the president called "a whole host of issues."

Obama sidestepped the issue -- a key tension point between Turks and Armenians and a rallying cry among Armenian-Americans -- saying he was trying to be as "encouraging as possible."

"I want to be as encouraging as possible around those negotiations, which are moving forward and could bear fruit very quickly, very soon," Obama said. "What I want to do is not focus on my views right now but focus on the views of the Turkish and Armenian people. What I told the (Turkish) president is I want to be as constructive as possible in moving these issues forward quickly. My sense is that they are moving quickly. I don't want to, as the president of the United States, want to preempt any possible arrangements, announcements that might be made in the near future."
Canadian values (this comments on the Sheikh who, “Asked how he felt about Jews, Sabri answered: “...I am filled with rage toward the Jews. I have never greeted a Jew when I came near one. I never will. They cannot even dream that I will. The Jews do not dare to bother me, because they are the most cowardly creatures Allah has ever created….”): Blazing Cat Fur: My Dinner with the Sheikh
Repeated calls were made by the Shiekh for the liberation of "The Holy Land of Palestine" , as well as the "whole" of Palestine. This call was echoed by the Bishop who stated specifically that the only solution was "One Palestine" - a real crowd pleaser by the way. Israel was described as a non-viable state reliant for its existence upon violence and foreign military aid and merely a temporary occupation force within "Holy Palestine".

Shades of Ahmadinnerjacket: When the Palestinian state is established, and that day is coming soon we were assured, only those nations which sided against Israel would be among the favoured.

Huzzahs all round by the crowd when shout-outs were made to CAF and fellow travellers, Sid Ryan, CUPE and CUPW. The crowd was also pointedly advised that the pendulum has swung and they should be sure to vote Liberal as most grit party members now favoured the Palestinian cause over Israel - Yea Lying Jackal you read that right. Neither Jason Kenney nor PM Harper were favoured with a cheer when their names came up.

Omar Algabra and Carolyn Parish - Mississauga's next Mayor according to a local reporter covering the event, both being "that type of majority Liberal" were noted guests as well as a Liberal MPP who may have been Navdeep Bains (unconfirmed at this time).

What was striking was listening to various of the speakers recite as if by rote all the Multi-Cult calling cards - diversity, shared "Canadian" values etc, close your eyes and you'd think Bernie Farber was MC'ing.

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