Saturday, April 12, 2008

Atlas has the news on NYC conference

Freedom of Speech in the Age of Jihad:

Mark STEYN NYC FREEDOM OF SPEECH IN THE AGE JIHAD: Imam says Islam is against homosexuality; he's investigated for homophobia. Gay group says Islam is homophobic, it's investigated for Islamophobia. Steyn is phobophobic: the lamps of free speech are going out when the state becomes the arbiter of what is acceptable speech in a "multicultural" society. This new phobia appears at about the six minute mark.

Meanwhile, eat your heart out Shirlene: only a free speech lover can do this to Ezra


Vancouver visitor said...

Atlas needs a much better digital camera. In that photo, Ezra looks freakishly pink and Atlas seems to be covered in that spray-on fake orange tan favored by bodybuilders.

truepeers said...

I think Ezra really is blushing. And like I say, that's why free speech is so important; without it we (not even, or least of all, the agents of the state) can't make Ezra blush. Without freedom of speech in our land, Ezra is just an angry banshee crying for the rebirth of freedom; with it, Ezra can become more fully human. "Ezra" here is of course a metaphor for all of us.