Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Freedoms News

The latest from Indonesia:
TEMPO Interactive, Jakarta: The Minister of Communication and Information, Muhamamad Nuh, announced his department will block internet sites with negative content including pornography sites. “We promised our commitment to APJI and KPI to block the negative sites,” he said after launching the Broadband Learning Center at Al-Akbar mosque, Surabaya, last Friday.

This is a response to unease of religious figures to the internet-based Information Technology in places of worship in East Java. They are worried their followers will misuse the internet for pornographic sites.
See also the Jakarta Post:
The House of Representatives is set to pass a bill today (Tuesday) that would jail users and providers of pornographic websites, despite fears the legislation could victimize receivers of unsolicited email containing adult content.

When the bill comes into effect, providers and users of pornographic sites will face a maximum of three years in prison or a fine of up to Rp 1 billion (around US$107 million).

"I agree if the bill is aimed at protecting children from accessing adult sites. But I am afraid the police will see it as a chance to extort money from people receiving spam porn emails," Zatni Arbi of the Indonesian Institute of Sciences said Monday.
Meanwhile, in his response to complaints from Indonesian authorities, Dutch Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, admitted that the Amsterdam pornography industry shares a good part of the blame for youth in Indonesian mosques being tempted by internet pornography.

Balkenende called on Dutch film makers to end the continuing cultural imperialism that the Dutch impose on their former "East Indian" colony, and to show respect and avoid internet publication of pornography. This has led to promises from the Pornography Actors' Guild, and leaders of Dutch cultural and industry associations to fill the streets May 1 with tens of thousands of people to demonstrate in defense of freedom of expression on the internet.

But in related news, suggestions that Amsterdam's cannabis cafes might be regulated to restrict access to insure that promising young Qu'ranic students do not lose the ability to memorize and recite the Muslim holy book in classical Arabic, have been met with approval by the Homegrown Cannabis Smokers' Association. The HCSA argue that the freedom to get high, in all manners of being, must also be protected for Muslims, and that providing guidance counselors to visit the cafes will promote respect and tolerance in the Netherlands. In defense of their position on weighing competing freedoms, the HCSA cited the recent petition of Saudi women demanding their freedom not to be allowed to drive and thus to preserve feminine modesty as a touchstone of Arab culture.


Blazing Cat Fur said...

Oh oh looks like the economic side effects are already being felt;)

Distributors of Human-Animal Porno will Claim Damages from Government

Two major distributors of human-animal pornography have announced that they will claim damages from the Government if human sex with animals is outlawed in The Netherlands. This law has been proposed by parliamentarian Harm Evert Waalkens (Labor). One distributor said that he will lose 100 million Euro sales over the coming ten years if this happens and will have to fire his fourteen employees.


Dag said...

I am laughing so hard I haven't managed to get to the links yet. What a piece this is!

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