Friday, April 04, 2008

Beyond my comprehension

I'd like to say that there can be no doubt that turning over national sovereignty to unelected, unaccountable, bureaucrats hidden deep in the hot houses of Brussels, where decisions are made by people with no connection to ordinary lived reality, is the sign of a very sick society.

But there comes a time when one has to wonder if maybe the madness is one's own. I mean, maybe it's the ordinary person, like myself, who just doesn't get reality, and maybe I should just shup up and get off the blogging bus, because there is clearly something I just don't get. Can anyone explain this to me: EU forces bus company to dump passengers every half hour | the Daily Mail ?
Passengers are having to change bus partway through their journeys to comply with an EU directive.

The legislation stops drivers clocking up more than 31 miles behind the wheel without a rest.

If a journey is any longer, the driver must pull over and wait for a replacement.
Drivers are allowed to undertake journeys of more than 31 miles - provided they get two straight days off.

Small companies are unable to guarantee this as easily as long-distance coach firms and are thus forced to divide trips as a result.
"Passengers think it's a joke, being made to shuffle off a bus, often in the middle of nowhere, because someone in Europe says so.

"The rules put the driver under more pressure and stress than ever.

"If they are delayed on a long trip they can usually make up time. But now they have to make a connection every time or their passengers can't continue their journey."

The Driving Times And Rest Periods Directive came into force last April.

It bans drivers covering more than 31 miles at any point in a single trip - unless they have a 45-hour period off in the same week.

This legislation - aimed at lorry drivers - superseded British law limiting drivers to 60 hours a week.
Honestly, I just can't make sense of this story. Can such a law be real? The story was not published April 1. I mean, limiting drivers to 60 hours a week might have some safety logic to it. But limiting them to 30 minutes a day (31 miles at highway speeds), with two days off if they go over the limit? Is that what a reasonable work load looks like to Brussels? Has their secret intent all along been to bankrupt the welfare state?

I just don't get it... Help!

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