Wednesday, April 09, 2008

For those working up their Dag-o-nomy

Is this the Exemplification of "Left Dhimmi Fascist"?. That's how I read it. No doubt Dag can weigh in on the finer points...


Dag said...

I might get a tad over-heated in the rhetoric department sometimes, but this had me laughing and crying and then shaking my head, wondering what the f***?

This is my considered opinion, one which is likely to land me in court, no doubt: When it comes to hanging Left dhimmi fascists, I urge that we do so using big rubber bands so we can do it over and over again!

Boing, boing!

It's just right for the kangaroo courtiers.

Boing, boing!

truepeers said...

Bungee Jumping is already a recognized left dhimmi fascist sport. It's how they find the courage to Taunt the tiger!

Blazing Cat Fur said...

Oh yea that works for me, but put some pointy spikes at the bottom of the drop.

Dag said...

Yup, I like it.