Thursday, April 10, 2008

Is it an original?

Domesticating the signs of Canada:
Then it's on to the Zamboni, fashioned entirely out of polystyrene. One doesn't need to justify a Zamboni — you either understand or you don't. Its central place in the exhibition is a welcome sign that the curator does understand hockey and the comforting presence of the Zamboni, that steady hockey mom who keep things on schedule, restores order and cleans up after her boys.
It's an accomplished piece of silver work, but more than a touch weird. Its dominant image is of the Inuit goddess Sedna, a kind of mermaid with an Amazon-like torso and Medusa-like hair. It's not immediately clear what a somewhat frightening pagan deity has to do with women's hockey. Sometimes you can have too much art, not enough hockey

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